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It seems that everyone I know is currently pregnant or just had a baby – OK not everyone but I am surrounded with friends and family members who all seem to be at the same stages of pregnancy or due within weeks of each other.
I absolutely love this as I get my baby fix and also get to give them back without the sleepless nights, crying and all the other wonderful joys which come with newborns, I love them but my baby days are over.
I love talking baby products with them and introducing them to some of the great products I have discovered and used myself.  One of those being the Snugglebundl – I used this in the hospital after my C-section with Harry and it made the world of difference.  You can read my Snugglebundl review here.  Having had an emergency section with Emmy I knew how hard certain aspects of recovery could be, little things which should be easy were made difficult due to the stitches and the pain.  Picking up a baby from a hospital bedside cot post C-section is so hard – not only can you not swing your legs around off the bed without being in pain but you can’t bend and shouldn’t lift.  Obviously this is fine during visiting hours but imagine it’s 2am, the lights are all out and you need to pick up and feed your baby – you can press your buzzer and wait for the nurses who pick up your baby for you but when I was in with Emmy I found they were so busy it would take too long and she would get louder and louder and I worried about waking the others on my ward.

By the time I stayed in with Harry I had my Snugglebundl and this was less of an issue.  The Snugglebundle is a baby lifting wrap which can be used to help you lift your baby post recovery and after.  It is a unique baby lifting blanket.  It allows baby’s to be laid down and picked up with ease, taking the pressure off of your back or in my case my tummy muscles after my C-section.
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Using in the hospital with Harry
The idea and concept is very simple and brilliant.  You lay your baby in the centre of the blanket with their head in the padded head hold, the excess material at the foot end is folded up towards their tummy and then the sides pulled together folding the left side over the right and tying together with the ties.  You can easily lift your baby in and out of the cot, pushchair, carrycot or move them easily from one place to another such as in and out of their car seat without the risk of waking them.

Your baby is fully supported and very comfortable and you are not going to hurt your back or tummy by unnecessary bending.

This is a product I recommend to all my pregnant friends and is a gift I have purchased for a few of them recently.

Snugglebundle got back in touch after one of my recent purchases and have very kindly offered one of their Brand New Grey Stars Snugglebundl’s as a prize for one of my lovely readers.

For your chance to win this wonderful prize worth £34.99 please enter via the Rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway will end at Midnight on 1st February 2016 – Good Luck.

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