Giveaway: Win a Pair of Kids Dr. Martens in any colour

You may have seen our review this morning of an adorable pair of purple Dr. Martens for Emmy.  She loves them and has barely taken them off.
They come from the Back to School range on the Cloggs website.


These come in a wide range of sizes and an array of colours.
I’m giving you the chance to win a pair of children’s Dr. Martens in any colour and size you like up to the value of £60 (this does mean there are a few exclusions to the range however there are SO many colours still available to choose from).
How about one of these colours?
Or perhaps you prefer classic black ready for the new School term?
If you would like to win a pair of Dr. Martens up to the value of £60 then enter using the rafflecopter form below.
This giveaway is for UK entrants only and ends at midnight on 5th August 2014 – Good Luck

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356 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a Pair of Kids Dr. Martens in any colour

  1. Red patent ones next. I've had a pair of bright green patents which i wore into the ground and am now into a pair of purple patents. Really comfy and waterproof.

  2. I would get one of the Doc Martens pairs as a gift for someone I know, but I would let them pick what they liked. I used to own a pair of black and blue steel toe cap DM's years ago, they lasted forever

    from @JamieGalcomps

  3. I like the flowery ones, but I suspect my daughter would prefer hot pink! (I'd love sparkly ones though!)

  4. I got my little granddaughter the pink ones and the black ones last winter and would love to get her the purple and the red ones. I love my Docs and have been wearing them since i was young so enjoy passing the love of Docs down the generations 🙂

  5. The purple or red patent are awesome but I would,have to let my step daughter choose, she would be made up as she has been asking for a pair

  6. Ideally I'd like a pair of each as I've always liked Dr Martens, but think I'd plump for the Juniors Delaney – Cherry Red. I also love the Hot Pink Patent and Black Softly pairs. Fingers crossed hoping for a little bit of luck to come my way now.

  7. I love these Juniors Delaney Blue flowers. They are very similar to a pair my daughter loved and wore forever (well until they were too small!) 25 years ago. She adored docs and had a huge variety – tartan, flowers, colours. My granddaughter would adore them. I have a picture of my daughter wearing them with a pretty Laura Ashley blouse and corded pinafore which I probably still have in a suitcase up my attic. My daughter loves 'vintage' clothes so I'm glad I kept all of my children's best clothes.

  8. Hot Pink Patent , my daughter loves them , amazing colours and great quality boots!!!!!!!!!

    Di Shepherd

  9. I keep joking that I'm going to get daughter a pair of dms for school because she wrecks normal school shoes in no time at all! However, I think she would go for the Juniors delaney blue flowers or hot pink patent

  10. i used to love my DMs when I was in college- umm..over a decade a go! i love how they are back in fashion! xx

  11. I really like the Union Jack ones, but I suspect my daughter would prefer red, or purple, or the blue flowers x

  12. BLUE FLOWERS I had a pair almost identical to these many years ago, my mum got them for my school shoes and the school was not impressed! Id love my daughter to be able to have a pair just like me 🙂

  13. Mini is just about into the infant size boots 🙂 if I could chose I would 100% pick the gorgeous infants brooklee in blue flow. Such a cute print. We are major tights and shorts fans for summer and winter and think these would like super with that combo!

  14. In the end (if we won) I would let me daughter choose the ones that caught her eye, however personally think the red patent, purple patent, pink patent and blue flow are all very striking.

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