Giveaway: Win a Pogo Stick for ages 5-9 years from Paramount Zone

I admit this is a toy I always wanted when I was younger, something I actually wasn’t allowed as my parents knew I would cause myself some damage, I was an accident prone child you see…fast forward many years and it is actually on Emmy and Harry’s banned list too for this reason and I’m the mean Mummy.
But I am also the fun Cousin who when taking Paul’s cousin to a football match years back did allow him to choose a Pogo Stick in the Spurs gift shop (I blamed Paul of course!).
Now I am bringing one of my lucky readers the chance to win themselves a Pogo Stick – Hands up if this has always been on your wish list too?
This is a Pogo Ace Pogo Stick which is suitable for children aged 5-9 years old (18-36kgs) and is from Paramount Zone.  It features built-in anti slip handles and foot pads and the metal frame is covered in foam padding for increased durability.
The Pogo Stick is 94cm high and has a RRP of £49.95 although is currently on offer for £22.99 from Amazon (affiliate link). There is also a king model pogo stick available from Amazon.
It is important to add that protective equipment needs to be worn and the safety instructions read before use!!
If you would like the chance to win this prize please enter using the rafflecopter form below.
This giveaway will end at Midnight on 1st July and is open to UK entrants only.  Good Luck

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76 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a Pogo Stick for ages 5-9 years from Paramount Zone

  1. I always wanted the dolly that you could feed cherries on a spoon and the cherries would disappear

  2. A radio controlled Aerplane. They were only big and expensive back then. Now? There's a whole range of flyable toys from the cheap to the expensive. Oh to be a kid today.

  3. I always wanted a playstation (they were just coming out and becoming popular when I was little) but my mum couldn't afford one and didn't really like the idea of video games either. On the plus side I was a very outdoorsy and active child for it!

  4. Ann & Bob twin dolls. My Mum brought me two Ann dolls instead. I've since had two sets of twins: my first of course two girls (my two Anns), and then finally my real life Ann & Bob (pink and blue twins!)

  5. What toy did you always want as a child but were never allowed? . . . . . . . a homemade go-cart, my parents said it was too dangerous for girls!!!!

  6. I had a pedal go cart that I always wanted an engine on! Loved that go cart, must have looked an absolute delight in a police helmet with visor, hand made foam and string knee and elbow pads, a summer dress and a pair of trainers! I was never interested in fashion at that age!

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