Giveaway: Win a selection of Urtekram Coconut products worth £50

Win a Urtekram bundle
It is very rare I get actual ‘me time’ these days, since the children arrived pampering myself has had to take a back step and showering is down in less than 5 minutes with the door open and a child trying to chat to me, pass me things or scream at each other – it’s hardly relaxing.  That also includes washing my hair.


The Danish beauty pioneer Urtekram recently launched a new range of organic coconut scented body care products and I have been able to try out the shower gel and body lotion for the past few weeks.
With summer approaching I have been dreaming of a tropical paradise, of course that won’t be happening and the heat wave of the tropics may not arrive however I can sip Malibu and smell of coconuts and pretend.

Coconut Urtekram


The new coconut shower gel contains organic coconut nectar and diglycerin which helps to naturally cleanse and moisturise.  It comes in a pump dispenser which is rather handy for using in the shower when your hands are wet and of course, means it goes a lot further as you can control the amount you use.  The fragrance is very subtle so you won’t walk around all day smelling like a cocktail from a beach bar but you will notice the coconut fragrance.  After using for a few weeks my skin has been left feeling smooth and refreshed and teamed with the new body lotion which contains organic virgin coconut oil and hyaluronic acid my dry skin has disappeared.  The body lotion is non sticky and absorbs easily, you only need a little which is why it also comes in a handy pump dispenser.


The new Coconut range also includes a shampoo and conditioner and like all of Urtekram previous products, these have achieved the Ecocert COSMOS Organic Standard which is the new gold standard governing the content and the methods approved for the manufacture of organic ingredients.


Founded in 1972, Urtekram is renowned for creating plant-based products which are wholesome and natural.  The new range of hair care and body care products are all hypoallergenic and Vegan Society approved, and free from parabens, synthetic ingredients and artificial colours.


With prices starting from £1.75, Urtekam skin and body preparations are available from Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and independent health and beauty retailers nationwide.  For further information please visit or


Urtekram competition prize
Urtekram has very kindly offered one of my readers the chance to win an open hamper of their new products worth £50.


To enter all you have to do is fill in the rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway will end at midnight on 23rd October 2016


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125 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a selection of Urtekram Coconut products worth £50

  1. I love a loofah. Had a Turkish bath last summer and could not believe how soft my skin was after it so now every week I scrub and my skin is better condition for it

  2. I love bath bombs they smell lovely and are very relaxing, great to finish off with lovely fragranced body lotion

  3. When the kids go to bed then it’s time for a lovely bubble bath, then I put my candle on and get myself a nice glass of wine 🙂 or a hot chocolate

  4. In the evening- my husband always runs me a lovely bubble bath so I can relax, the house is clean and quiet and I can have half an hour to myself

  5. A long bath with a nice bath bomb, a glass of wine, a nice smelling candle (if its dark/not summer) and some relaxing music. Sheer bliss I might actually try and indulge in this tonight it has been months since I did this.

  6. I love a nice, hot, long bath with dim lights (so I can’t see my wobbly bits lol!) With a yum hot chocolate and face mask on!xxx

  7. Bubble bath or more realistically shower gel. I do like a hot shower, and then cosy up in bed with my kindle. Don’t I sound exciting!

  8. My favourite “me-time” item has to be rubbing coconut oil onto the soles of my feet after a soak and a good ol’ go with the pumice. Then I put some of my best socks on and let the magic do its work. Lavish, I know but hey I’m worth it!

  9. A foot mask. Wierd, but brilliant! Just don’t do if your feet need to look good next week. They will look awful then! But in two weeks they will be like baby feet

  10. My favourite pampering item would have to be smelly body mist or even room mists. I think sometimes an amazing smell can really relax you or have a big effect on your mood!

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