Going on Bear Hunt, a very messy morning! #Countrykids

Having had another week of illness with Harry this time and being housebound for around half of the week we were rather over due for some outdoors family fun.

Coming home from School on Friday Emmy desperately wanted to go for an ‘explore’, this is one of her favourite activities – we let her decide on where she wants to walk around the estate, she takes us down alleyways, through the garages and usually a very very long way around to get home as we end up going around in circles.  She has great fun, gets us lost (we have to pretend to be lost!) and then gets excited as we explore our way home.

Sadly we couldn’t be out for too long as Harry was getting cold, even in the buggy and having been so ill I didn’t want to risk it.

I did promise her we could go on an adventure over the weekend and that’s just what we did!

I packed up a small bag of essentials for us:
Wet wipes
Hats & Gloves
Teddy Bear

We then wrapped up in warm clothes, thick coats and welly boots and set out with Barney for a Bear Hunt in the woods.

I am SO glad I chose boots for us all as I hadn’t realised just how wet and muddy it was outside – well my excuse was that I hadn’t been out for a while.

We have to cross 3 fields to get to the woods and in typical Harry fashion he fell over in the first muddy patch we came to!

It was at this point I was very glad for the boots and for warm jogging trousers as they soaked up the mud rather well, I wiped his hands after the first fall however on falls two, three, four, five and well all the other times there seemed very little point and he seemed not to even notice after that!  For today his nickname has been ‘Mr Tumble’ as he seemed incapable of staying upright!

I had put gloves on him by this point as his hands were rather cold – a quick wipe of them on his coat and off we go again, and yes I was pretty sure he was going to stumble again and he refused point blank to hold my hand so of course I snapped a picture (mean Mummy!).

Heading into the woods we hid the Teddy and the kids had a great time searching for it, while climbing trees and collecting leaves and sticks.

The kids were having so much fun and didn’t want to come home – but this was fine as it gave me a chance to play around with a few different settings on my phone camera.

After all this outdoors fun I’m hoping they will both sleep well.  We all had a great morning and are planning next weeks adventures which include the London Aquarium and a Boat trip.

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20 thoughts on “Going on Bear Hunt, a very messy morning! #Countrykids

  1. It's all too easy in this weather to stay balled up inside and we have been doing a bit much of that lately. This post makes me want to get us back outdoors asap. Love your photos too 🙂

  2. Looks like a wonderful day out. London aquarium is AWESOME! Just a tip, call them beforehand and find out which days they have school groups on the week you're planning to go. We once went when there were so many school groups nobody could get passed and there was a big crowd of us waiting for them to move along every few minutes lol! But if you go on the day when they have the least groups it's such a lovely, fun experience x

  3. Going outside is so good. Over the past month my bike's been to the repair shop. I miss it! Since we are not cycling every day we are really struggling with colds, bad tempers and cabin fever.
    I find myself browsing the web for distant places to explore.

  4. Ah this is my little boys favourite activity too! It looks like you had a fantastic time. We recently discovered there is a gruffalo trail near us in westonbirt arboretum so we are hoping to head there next month!


  5. Lovely photo's, there is always such a lot to pack when we go out! We have been getting out a little more each weekend but my teen is always moaning about the cold weather so it's a bit of a struggle sometimes! 🙂

  6. Getting outside is so goof for the soul. We have been hibernating a bit, oK i lied A LOT! I can not wait for january to be over and the husbeast to be less busy at work.

  7. Sounds like a perfect family afternoon. I love the idea of hiding teddy and searching for him out there. Love the photo effects from your camera play too. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

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