Going Out Pre Children V’s Post Children

Last weekend we spent most of the weekend out of the house as we were off to a party on Saturday, and on Sunday we were at a Christening followed by another party.
Now my children as you know are 6 and 3 so need a lot less in terms of a changing bag but I am still finding it takes me a hell of a long time to organise and get out of the door without feeling like the kitchen sink is heading out of the door with me.
I obviously no longer need to carry nappies with us but now Harry is potty trained and dry in the day it does mean I have to carry a change of clothes (if not two) wherever I go as he gets distracted and then has an accident.  They also need drinks, snack, and at least some form of entertainment to stop the fighting/boredom.
With the amount of things I actually need to take with me it got me reminiscing of the times I could jut grab:
  • My phone
  • My keys
  • A bank card
With those things I was all set for either a day in town, a night in the pub or even to go clubbing and rarely needed anything else.
I set a few blogging friends a challenge recently of picking 3 items they couldn’t leave the house without Pre-Children and then the same question for Post-Children to see how much these essential items have changed.

Essential items needed for a day out with kids v's a day out without kids

Here’s what that they said:
Jaime – The Oliver’s Madhouse
Before – “Lipstick, Phone & High Heels”
After – “Baby Wipes, Bibs & anything Sponge Bob related (to keep Joshua happy).”

Mum in the Madhouse
Jen says hers would have been the same before children as after and those items are: “Pets, family and my hard drive!”

Chantelle – Mama Mummy Mum
Before“My phone, my purse and my trusty lip balm”
After“Still my phone, baby wipes, oh and lets say everything except the kitchen sink.  I went from travelling light to carrying around weights without meaning too lol”
Emma – Life According to Mrs Shilts
Before – “Phone, Purse & Make Up Bag”
After – “Baby wipes, Phone & Spare set of clothes”
Cerys – Rainy Day Mum
Before“I always carried around a lipstick although not really wearing make-up in my job I could be called at short notice to meet with parents (Cerys was a teacher), governors or visitors to the school so a touch of lipstick smartened me up a bit, a hairbrush exactly the same reason as I tend to fiddle with my hair when working I always checked in the mirror before leaving my classroom/office just in case and Blister plasters as I loved shoes, but shoes didn’t always love me.”

After “Pack of colouring crayons, snack and notebook – ha how times have changed, I know wherever we go if I have a pack of wax crayons, notebook and snack with me the kids will be fine. Colouring crayons are much better then pencils as you don’t need to sharpen them and unlike felt pens they don’t run out. A notebook works better than paper – with more than 1 child I can rip the paper out or if I’m only with 1 just hand it straight over to them and you never know when a child will be hungry so I always have a snack like a flapjack or biscuits in the bag that don’t melt or make too much of a mess.”

Liz – Hart of the Munchkin Patch
Before“Mobile phone, purse and hairbrush!!”After – “Mobile phone, wipes and raincover (if with the buggy) or sticky plasters (if without the buggy (Plumlet is always falling over lately!!)”

Aby – You Baby Me Mummy
Before“Phone, keys that was it!” After kids – everything ha ha!”
After” EVERYTHING! Ha Ha, No Still phone, but now also wet wipes even now & kid’s snacks are vital!”

I think it’s rather safe to say that our children’s needs definitely come above our own these days and our own items are pushed aside to make room for the kids in our ever bulging bags, and no matter how old the children their items always seem to take over.  Gone are the days where lipsticks and hairbrushes saw us through a day/night out and baby wipes and snacks are top essentials in many parents bags.

What are your essential items in your bag for your children on a day out? and how has this changed from your pre-children days?

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3 thoughts on “Going Out Pre Children V’s Post Children

  1. It was much easier pre-kids, I had one handbag with all my bits in. These days, I have at least two; one for me and one for Olly. It's a nightmare if you forget something because you know the time you do forget, you'll need it!

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