Gourmet Probiotic Yogurt Review

The Collective Diary have introduced a range of Gourmet Probiotic Yogurts which I was asked if I would like to try.  I have never really had a sweet tooth so choose to have fruit or a yogurt for pudding when at home over chocolate which is over-filling my fridge (we still have Easter eggs left over), so I was more than happy to do so. 

Being pregnant as well also means I am trying to be careful with what I eat as I was enormous with Emily as I ate absolutely everything I could, this time I’m trying to limit the damage so yogurts seem a good option.

I had 3 different flavours to try – Passionfruit, Russian Fudge and Cherry & Pomegranate.  These Yogurts were available in my local Sainsbury’s.

The pots were huge – at first I was convinced this was a bad thing as I prefer small portion sized puddings so that firstly I don’t eat too much but mostly so as not to waste any.  I have a bad habit of opening pots/jars or even tins and putting back into the fridge with all great intentions of having some more the next day; as you can imagine this never actually happens and then when I actually remember they are there they need throwing away as they have gone bad or past their sell by dates. 

I was pleasantly surprised by these yogurts as I happily went back to the fridge the next day for some more and none was wasted!  That is actually a first for me.  Once opened they last for 3 days, although I actually finish one pot in 2 days as I had some for breakfast too.

I wasn’t as keen on the Russian Fudge flavour as it was too sickly tasting for me, however Emmy happily finished that pot off for me.  My favourite was the Cherry & Pomegranate flavour.

These yogurts are very thick and creamy and full of taste and are now a permanent part of my weekly shopping list.

The Collective was started in New Zealand by two very clever chefs, Ofer Shenhav and Angus Allan.  Their quest was simple…create an extraordinary yogurt with an unbeatable taste.

These gourmet yoghurt are probiotic, vegetarian, gluten free, artificial preservative free and handcrafted – and as the label says Great Dairy – No Bull!

You can find out more about the other flavours available on the website: www.thecollectivedairy.co.uk or follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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