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National Science and Engineering week is coming up soon, this is a 10 day celebration of science, engineering and technology which runs from 15th-24th March 2013 across the UK and is being coordinated by the British Science Association.

We are using a fun and creative science kit which we have been sent to join in with and to teach Emmy how plants can grow in a fun experiment.

“Can a plant find its way through a maze! It sounds impossible, but just watch as plants wind their way through a maze you design.”
We begun this experiment before heading off on our holiday and are part way through however we thought we would share our progress so far with you.
Whats in the box?
1 Plastic tab for fixing covering cards
1 top cover with holes
1 front cover (transparent)
1 chamber wall
Long partitions for maze
Short partitions for maze
8 plant supports
1 transparent front cover for soil container
1 soil container
1 water pot
1 dropper
1 magnifier
2 cover cards
Detailed instructions
You will also need: Dried beans such as red or white beans and soil.  We are using Adzuki beans as they are the only sprouting beans we could find in our local homebase at the time.
Emmy is completing this experiment with her Daddy as she needs a lot of help with it, however she seems to be enjoying it.
Firstly they built a maze for the beans to grow through using the long and short partitions, they then put together the soil container and water holder.
They had to soak the bean in water for a few days until they started to sprout then they planted them into the soil and kept them moist.  The above left hand picture shows the progress of the beans after a week in the soil.  When they grow some more we will train them around the supports before adding the maze and seeing if they can grow up through the maze and out of the top. (As long as we remember to keep them watered)
We will share our progress with you as they progress.
This is a good experiment and growing introduction for young children, my only criticism would be that I would have preferred to have a small packet of beans and a small amount of soil included within the kit.

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