Growing our own – teaching the children to be green fingered

A few years ago we tidied up the garden and with a lot of hard work and effort I managed to clear enough space to build a vegetable patch to start growing our own vegetables in the garden.

My Dad has always had green fingers and finds this type of thing comes naturally, myself however, I manage to even kill off house plants which supposedly don’t need watering and struggle to maintain the sunflowers the kids plant yearly at school.

With a little help and guidance, Emmy and I managed to successfully plant and grow Peas, spring onions, strawberries, onions, lettuce, mange tout, celery and raspberries that year.

Sadly by the following year Harry was here and getting into the garden to maintain the vegetable patch with a screaming reflux baby wasn’t high on my list of priorities and the year after we did try again however Harry had other ideas and whatever was planed he tore up instantly with the help of his big sister egging him on. Gone were my chances of planting and growing anything and even the flowers which had managed to survive my hands were de-headed and cut up by the terrors.

I am trying hard this year to reclaim the garden again from the weeds and while I am too late to plant some of the vegetables this season I would like to be prepared for the next. Take a look at this infographic from Gratnells which shows low maintenance plants which you can grow not only at home but at school too, also take a look at Gratnells Learning Rooms.


**Collaborative post**


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