Grrrrrrr MEN!!!

I’ve lost track recently of the number of times I’ve said that……all aimed at one man in particular!  My Husband!

Come on ladies, we all say it don’t we, often under our breaths or even to friends.  I’m braking that and am saying it out loud.

So here is my list of Grrrrrrr moments from this week (I’m sure I will have more and will update when I remember or they happen)

  • Underwear left on the bedroom floor yet again
  • Me doing bedtime every single night and early mornings (bar once this week when I made Emmy ask day to do it)
  • Him looking after her over lunch time while I had a nap and him NOT giving her any lunch
  • Road rage! – not an isolated incidence he has NO patience in the car at all, and shouts at anyone who gets in the way or is slow – and thinks they are deliberately doing it to annoy him (?)
  • Having his mates over at Emmy’s bedtime resulting in me spending 2 hours trying to get her to sleep as she 1 – wants to see them and 2 – keeps waking up with their laughing
  • His language!  This week his bad language in front of Emmy has been my biggest upset – he doesn’t know he is doing it as it’s second nature, however it caused me to HIT him this week when I caught Emmy crashing her Little Tykes car into the back doors shouting “For Fuck’s Sake” over and over again……

I obviously was extremely upset and annoyed at him and tried to explain to her it was a naughty word and we don’t say it, however the more attention I gave it/her for doing it the more she did so I haven’t mentioned it again and she luckily (for Daddy’s sake) has forgotten about it.  However he still isn’t forgiven.

I’m now asking you all to join in…….What are your Grrrrrr men moments from this week??  Feel free to share – either in a blog post or in the comments below.  Offload – I feel better for it.

14 thoughts on “Grrrrrrr MEN!!!

  1. I thought that my husband deserved a Grrr too … but I now realise after reading the above comments that he's not too bad after all. He does do the bedtime routine with me and looks after our toddler when need be … however he leaves his dirty clothes on the bedroom floor, doesn't cook, or do any of the washing, constantly leaves the back door unlocked and we even bought a dishwasher so that I didn't have to wash the dishes!!

  2. He never ever does bath or bedtime. Been back from Ireland since 17th August and today is the first day that he has washed any dishes.
    Would LOVE to do a post like yours.
    Maybe one day I will.
    Liska x

  3. I too use the phrase 'grrrrrr MEN!' but must admit the instances that I use it are getting fewer, I have had a few STRIKE days in the past few months where I haven't done a thing, no cleaning, tidying or cooking tea and the effect has been quite remarkable!!! There used to be a spot, I called it a 'spawn point' where a pile of festering gym kit would appear every morning, this does not happen any more 😉
    They do get the message eventually!
    On the swearing thing, ignoring is essential, my youngest picked up the phrase 'bloody hell' but seems to have forgotten it now that I am not acknowledging it.

    PS. I found you through Best Post of the Week

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      I was so cross with myself for getting cross with Emmy and frawing attention to the swearing as this did make it worse, lesson learnt the hard way.

  4. Oh dear Clare, can you not tell Emmy that only big people are allowed to say those words and if a certain person would hear her say that she would be in lots of trouble? that is what I told Skye (great nanny and bum spoon 😉 ) and it worked lol.
    The only thing I can actually think of at the moment is he really peed me off when I had a phone call he answered and the person asked to speak to me and he said "aww why don't you want to speak to me, no one wants to speak to me" then handed me the phone. I was so embarrassed. Other than that he does his fair share of cooking, housework and keeping the kids entertained so cant really complain.

    1. Hehe – what a cheeky Hubby you have Rach xx

      Nope, Emmy wasn't having any of it – she is too young for reasoning with atm – next yr I think he will understand, but now the more she knows I don't like it the more she does it. Just like her father!!!! x

  5. I'm 36 weeks pregnant and sleeping on the sofa tonight as my oh went on an all day bender only lasted until half 5 threw up all over my doorstep and has passed out on our bed with our bedroom stinking of sick while I've been looking after a whingey toddler, doing the housework, cleaned up his sick from outside and been checking on him constantly to make sure he's not choked to death on his own vomit! Need I say more? Lol

    1. That really does deserve a Grrrrrrrr.

      Whatever was he thinking? I would make him get up early to look after your toddler saying "she was up most of the night, its now your turn" – actually I usually do just that…..maybe he will learn.

      I hope you get some sleep tonight sweetie xx

  6. Like yourself lots this week!!
    not done one bath time
    not done one early mornin
    bathroom a mess
    can't or won't work the washer!
    and all while i have a trapped nerve in my back!
    Bloody MEN!

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