Guess the baby #03

Well that was fun again and I thought it was a little trickier too.

I am very sorry we missed 2 weeks – Wednesday 19th was Harry’s 4th birthday and I was busy preparing for his operation on Friday, I had completely underestimated the emotions involved in this procedure and if I am honest I have been an emotional wreck all week! and then technology let me down as this post was scheduled for 26th but failed to post – hey ho – we’ll get there in the end!

So what were the answers to weeks 2’s guess the baby?

Guess the baby week 2 answers
Halina – A/3, Sarah – B/4, Maria – C/1, Pippa – D/2.

Were you correct?

I thought it was rather difficult.

So onto week 3 – here are our adults:

Guess the baby week 3

A – Michaela
B – Lynn
C – Stacey
D – Sarah

Now can you match them to their baby pictures?  Why not try and pop your answers below in the comments.


Good Luck

If you would like to join in them please do email me ( your 2 pictures to join the fun.

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12 thoughts on “Guess the baby #03

  1. Oh my goodness this is tough! But I’m going to hazard a guess A1, B3, C2 and D4 and hope I’ve not offended anyone. Have a great weekend all x

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