Guest Post – Cheerios aren’t just for breakfast

Today I am very lucky and honoured to have a guest post from a fellow blogger and friend Chantelle. 

Chantelle is a Mummy to 4 beautiful girls and also blogs over at Mama Mummy Mum – just how she finds the time to blog herself as well as be an amazing Mum is beyond me yet here she is with a fabulous recipe for us to try:  Thanks very much, these look Yummy and Emmy can’t wait to try them.

Cheerios aren’t just for breakfast…. written by Chantelle – Mama Mummy Mum
One of the things I love doing with my kids is baking. It is not only a great activity that all the kids can join in with, it also means lots of scrummy cakes to eat too!!

I’ve realised recently that we tend to make the same things a lot of the time, a firm favourite is chocolate cornflake cakes, so I decided to make it a little bit different this time by substituting the cornflakes with cheerios because who wouldn’t love those cheery little o’s!

The Ingredients
120g milk chocolate
120g dark chocolate
50g butter
2 tbsp golden syrup
75g cheerios (or a different cereal of your choosing)


* The girls helped me to weigh out each of the ingredients, arrange the cake casings onto a baking tray and break up the chocolate into individual squares in a bowl.

* It was then mummy’s job to melt the chocolate and butter, didn’t want any little fingers getting burnt.

Chocolate Cheerio cakes,

* Next it was time to pour in the golden syrup and cheerios, making sure that they were all fully covered in the chocolatey mixture.
* We each took it in turns to spoon the mixture into the cake casings and the girls insisted on adding star sprinkles over the top, really make the cakes shine!!!
Once the cakes were made, I popped them in the fridge to chill for an hour, this only left one thing to do, well one thing for me and one thing for the kids. Mummy was left with the glamorous job of washing up, whilst the kids took the time to argue over who was going to lick the bowl first.

chocolate cheerio cakes

The Taste Test
My children definitely get their impatience from me. So after being asked several times, “are they ready yet?”, the time finally arrived that the cakes were ready to be eaten, the only question left, did they taste as good as they looked?
Well the fact that the cakes were demolished in mere minutes lead me to believe that we had been successful, the kids confirmed this by nodding as they ate.The final confirmation for me was the chocolate around each of their faces once they had finished eating.

After all  isn’t food supposed to be fun??

Chocolate cheerio cakes


4 thoughts on “Guest Post – Cheerios aren’t just for breakfast

  1. ooh my children made ginger biscuits today, but actually as they love cheerios and I don't I might be persuaded to re-think and like them, going to get them to try this recipe, sounds quite delicious x

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