Guest Post: Creating Wellness alongside Cancer Treatment

This is a guest post by Jenny Phillips – a Breast Cancer survivor.  As my readers will know Breast Cancer is something which is affecting our family currently, my wonderful Mother in Law had it and is currently undergoing treatment for secondary Cancer.
Jenny would like to share her story with you:
“I was 39 years old when diagnosed with breast cancer.
It came as a terrible shock, until then I’d never had any health issues and considered myself fit and well. We had two young children and the thought of potentially leaving them was terrifying. For me, the worst part was the investigations – I found these a roller coaster of emotion. I would wake in my sleep crying, and my husband and I still can’t listen to David Grey as we would just weep.
Jenny During her treatment
Thankfully, once I had my diagnosis – my spirits raised. I was going to do everything in my power to make sure I survived. So my focus became one of reading, learning and action. I had an 11cm grade 4 tumour which wasn’t great. But the more inspirational stories I read the more I felt that there was lots that could be done to improve my odds, in addition to the medical treatment.
We were fortunate enough to attend a wellness programme at the Penny Brohn cancer care centre which reinforced the role of diet, emotional health and promoting relaxation as tools for health. I meditated every day, found a local spiritual healer (who was amazing), hugged trees, took regular reflexology  and prioritised fresh air and gentle exercise. But the area that I found the most compelling was diet.
Although the causes of cancer are often multi factoral, it is interesting that genetics play a relatively small part. The World Cancer Research Fund estimate that gene mutation cause just 5-10% of breast cancer cases (1). Yet 30- 40% of cancers are diet related.
I changed my diet drastically. Out went the sugar, alcohol, processed and deep fried foods. I stopped drinking milk (I did switch to soy but became intolerant to it. At that time I was unaware of the benefits of improving gut health). I dramatically increased my vegetable consumption and did dabble with vegetarian foods, although I have found that I personally do much better on an animal protein diet. I took advice and took LOTS of supplements. And do you know what, I had never felt better – even though I was having chemo at the time.
I believe I dramatically improved my health whilst undergoing cancer treatment with the result that I am cancer free now for 10 years. As you can imagine, this experience had a significant impact on me. Though I worked through chemo, I later became qualified first as a yoga teacher and then a health & wellness coach by completing a Degree in Nutritional Medicine.
I now support and advise people with chronic health conditions – obesity, diabetes, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and, of course, cancer. Whilst the medical profession treat their illness, I work to help them create and optimise their own wellness. It is amazingly effective and every day I am gratified to see the positive changes and health transformations that can be made with the right advice and support.  
To learn more about my approach to working with people with cancer & for more information about Jenny Phillips and Nutritional Therapy visit
Jenny after treatment

(1) World Cancer Research Fund Report 2007 Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity & The Prevention of Cancer: A Global Perspective

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  1. Chemotherapy, radiation, and some infections can result in mouth sores, tender gums, sore throat and/or a sore throat. These problems often times also result in difficulties with eating resulting in weight loss.

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