Guest post from Chantelle: How to have an inexpensive summer holidays with kids

That’s it – my bags are packed, the sun cream is ready and the house and dog sitters are now here.  For us it is holiday time.
It has become a tradition now that every holiday time I open up the blog to guest posts from other lovely bloggers and it is that time again.  Today’s post is from a very good friend of mine Chantelle who blogs over at Mama Mummy Mum.  Chantelle is Super Mum to 4 adorable girls, she is the type of Mum I aspire to be – one who has lots of fun with the children nearly all of the time, if you follow her social media channels you will see her rocking out with the girls, having dance offs and singing contests – their household looks so much fun!
I am now passing you over to Chantelle who is sharing her Ten things you can do with kids to have an inexpensive Summer holiday:
“The Summer holidays, it something as parent we both look forward to and dread at the sametime. The thought of no early morning alarms, no school runs and no homework to contend

with, these fill us mums and dads with joy. But then there’s the flip side, kids getting bored,

the expense of keeping the kids entertained. Well here are just ten things you can to have an

inexpensive Summer holiday with the kids.

  1. Take advantage of local events and attractions, there’s no need to pay the extortionate prices that many places charge, support local businesses instead and save the petrol money. I always take my kids to our local cinema, less than half the cost of the bigger chains.
  2. Visit your local library and join in with the Summer reading challenge, keeps kids brains ticking over whilst they’re off school. This years theme is all about Roald Dahl and children receive stickers, certificates and medals the more they read.
  3. Picnics at the park, the children burn off energy running around, you can arrange for friends and family to come too and an advantage to eating outdoors, no mess to clean up afterwards.
  4. Go walking, make the most of your surroundings, get exploring, if you haven’t done it already download Pokémon Go, a great excuse to get outdoors!
  5. If you want to take this a step further then how about going for a bike ride or for the smaller people in your life dig out their scooters. Exercising whilst having fun.
  6. Can’t afford to go away, not going to any festivals? Why not camp out in your back garden. Just think you can make S’mores and tell stories by torch light. It’s a mini adventure without having to sit in traffic to get there.
  7. You don’t need to leave the house to have fun, enjoy water fights to stay cool, get chalks to get artistic in the garden, purchase a cheap paddling pool because once Summer is over you can always transform it into a pool bit for indoor use.
  8. Create your own games, perhaps an obstacle course to run round.
  9. Make your own ice lollies, you don’t need to go out and buy special moulds, you can make them using yogurt pots or paper cups.
  10. And of course after all this fun there is one thing that I think both parents and children will need and it costs absolutely nothing, taking a well deserved afternoon nap!

What sort of things do you have planned this Summer, do you have any more tips on ways to save money? Do let Clare know in the comments below.”
These are great suggestions Chantelle – we will be doing many of these ourselves this summer and have already signed up to the Summer reading challenge and ticked off two books each for the children who are excited to get their medals.
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