Guest post from Sadie: Me Time, Finding Time

Our second guest post this week comes from the lovely Sadie, a lady I met right at the beginning of my blogging days. A fabulous and hardworking mother who has time for everyone and always makes the extra effort to keep in touch and check up on friends even when she is super busy.

Sadie blogs over at Tiaras and Wellyboots.  Over to you Sadie…


“As a mum, parent, I have to admit to being guilty of putting myself last, even not finding any Me Time.

I am not the only parent either to do this, for when we give birth our lives are never just about us as individuals anymore, the baby, toddler, demanding child always, always comes first.

I might need some new boots, but my children need new shoes more, yes more often than not, their needs are constant as they are growing and changing so much, they have to take priority.

I have to confess I sometimes crave a bit of me time, a bit of space, something just for me.

My youngest is now five years old and joined his siblings in full time education last year, but you know the ironical thing, as he started going to school, then I was able to take on more work, so again my time was not my own.

I found a bit of an old passion of mine just very recently, I received a book for Christmas last year, and yes it is now October that I finally picked it up and started reading it.

Not in bed or relaxing on a comfy chair, oh no not this time, but the one room I do manage some space and time away from the demands of my family, in the bathroom.

I have always loved my baths in an evening, I put candles on, take a drink, sometimes tea, other times hot chocolate and just unwind & relax in the candle lit room, but this one night I left the light on too, so was able to start reading the book, I read half of it that night, using my feet to empty some of the cooling water, then turning the hot tap on to replenish the heat.


It was blissful, the book was good and it totally took me back to the days pre children, the days when I would read a book until the early hours.

Growing up I was in fact a bookworm.

So every month I am going to try to make time for me, to read a new book and to totally immerse myself in the story and relax.

What do you do for yourself?”

Thanks Sadie – Me time? well it’s very rare but I do love to head to bed early with my tablet and a movie if I get the chance.

You can also find Sadie over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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