Guest post from Jayne: DIY Leaf Bowl Using Air Drying Clay

Fall leaf bowl craft

This week we are away on holiday so as usual I will be passing these pages over to other awesome bloggers to entertain you. I love being able to introduce you to fellow bloggers who you may not yet be familiar with – but I do hope they will become part of your new regular reads.

Kicking off this week is Jayne who is sharing a fantastic craft activity which you can all try for yourselves at home. I will definitely be making this with both Emmy and Harry when we return.

Jayne writes over at Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs which is a family & lifestyle blog. She is a 36 year old wife to Craig and mummy to two little boys. While working from home mum she also home schools her 6 year old boy. You’ll normally find her being silly with the boys or behind her DSLR making memories.

Over to Jayne…


“We went on a scavenger hunt in the local woods just the other day, so we thought we could make use of the leaves we collected to make a leaf bowl, using air drying clay.

We don’t need any excuse to get the craft box out in this house and I thought this would make a nice keepsake.

You will need

A Large Leaf

Air Drying Clay

Rolling Pin

A deep bowl

Paints (We used Acrylic)

Roll with it!

Firstly we rolled out the clay with an old rolling-pin to about half an inch thick. Then placed the leaf on top and gently rolled over, just enough to transfer the pattern off the veins onto the clay.

Rolling a leaf imprint into the clay

I got a sharp craft knife and cut around the shape of the leaf. Then slightly, bending the edges of the leaves up and placing in a bowl to keep the shape whilst it dried.


We left it to dry for the rest of the day and overnight. By next morning the leaf was set and ready to paint!


painting our clay leaf bowl

And there we have it, an Autumnal craft that makes a lovely keepsake. You can also inscribe or write your child’s name and age on the back as we did.

Finished clay leaf bowl

Leaf bowl keepsake

Have you had a go at any Autumnal crafts?”

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Autumn/Fall Air Drying Clay Leaf Bowl Craft Keepsake

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