Guest post from Katy: Why others have such an opinion on my baby’s gender?

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a guest post from the lovely Katy. I have been loving Katy’s pregnancy updates (something I really do miss but I will definitely not be doing again myself – because 2 kids is enough for me!) and have been watching her Vlogs with awe….she is a natural at talking to the camera, something I personally find ridiculously hard to do.

You’ll find Katy over at Katy Gibson.  Over to Katy…


“I surely can’t be the only momma in the world that gets so so cross that everyone seems to have an option on my unborn child’s gender? They are disappointed ‘for me’ or worried and see fit to air their view? Honestly I wouldn’t care if all of my children were the same gender or not, the most important thing to me is their health and therefore their quality of life!

We are pregnant with baby no4 and everybody had an opinion on which gender we should want/have and which would be pretty sucky……… sucky?!?!?!? I am having a baby no gender is bad! This is a blessing and I am so so excited. So to give a bit of a back story for those that don’t know us we have two boys and one daughter and I remember when pregnant with my daughter EVERYONE and I do mean everyone said “Oh I bet you are hoping for a girl, fingers crossed’ What?! Seriously?! It is nobody business but ours and I would have been just as happy with another little boy to add to our family!

This time around most people said the same thing, how perfect it would be to have two of each, how hard boys were and how we definitely wouldn’t enjoy having three? We have two boys I think we know what having boys is like!! It is so hard as a pregnant mother to be to listen to everybody else voicing their opinion on the ‘right’ gender to have, I often wonder if people do know that it’s not actually a choice?! You get what you are given and that’s totally okay, in fact that is perfect!

As it turns out we are having our third little boy and I couldn’t be happier! I was very worried about our daughters reaction after so many people saying to her how much she would love a sister but in true innocent childlike fashion she simply said ‘Yay more family!!’ and she meant it, which was beautiful.

But I do wish that maybe other people would think before they speak? Consider what they say and wonder if that statement or opinion might have an effect on the person that they are talking to? I try very hard to consider other peoples feelings and thoughts before speaking but I guess some just don’t have that feeling filter when they talk. Luckily for us, we really didn’t have a strong wish or want one way or another and so it was easy to ignore these comments as the thoughtless remarks that they were. However I can imagine that if you really really wanted a particular gender then having the pressure of everyone giving their opinion and then possibly not having your desired gender of child may be upsetting to you.

Either way I think we need to remember that we are lucky to be bringing new life to this world and really, deep down it doesn’t really matter if it is a boy or a girl all we can hope for is health and happiness.”

Opinions on baby's gender

I completely agree Katy – everyone seems to have an opinion on this. The number of times friends of mine have been asked “When are you having another” because they have 2 of the same sex children is ridiculous. I always get “Oh of course you done because you have one of each now” – well actually I would be done if I had two girls or two boys. Pregnancy for me was a struggle and I have had 5 miscarriages, after the struggles I went through to have my children I am honesty happy and would have been whatever their sex.  It’s definitely time people stopped having an opinion on this subject!

You can see Katy’s gender reveal video here.

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