Guest Post: Key item’s for your kid’s winter wardrobe

Although we hate to admit it, the summer is unfortunately drawing to a close. It is time to bid farewell to t-shirts, shorts and sandals until next year, and start thinking about our kid’s winter wardrobes. Here are some key items that your little ones shouldn’t be without…
A good coat is the most essential item for any child’s winter wardrobe.
Go for a thick coat for extra insulation with a hood to keep them dry. Emelie et Rose are a great brand that produce high quality baby coats to keep your baby snug.
Don’t go for a coat that fits your kid snuggly. Buy the next size up so you have lots of room for layers when it gets really cold. A bonus to doing this is that the coat will last that little bit longer as well.
Jumpers and cardigans are a must for both boys and girls. These are great as you can layer up, providing extra warmth on those cold winter days. Go for ones with fun character designs to really capture your child’s personality too.
There is no nicer sight than seeing your little girl wearing pretty dresses. Continue this into the winter by stocking up on lots of thick woolly tights in a range of colours. They will keep her feeling warm and looking stylish.
One thing that is almost guaranteed in the winter months is rain – and lots of it! All kids love splashing about in puddles but this can ruin your kid’s shoes, leaving their feet soggy and your bank balance reduced.
Invest in a pair of wellingtons for them. There are some great designs available at the moment, from princesses to dinosaurs, that your child is sure to love.
They’ll have hours of fun splodging in the mud – just remember to tell them to leave them at the front door!
Hat & Scarf
Block out the winter chills with a hat and scarf set.
Crazy hats are on trend this season, whether it’s a monster design or one with teddy bear ears.
If your child is prone to misplacing their gloves, go for mitten clips or strings. Thread these through the sleeves of your kid’s coats and attach them to the gloves. They’ll never lose a pair again!
After buying all of these key items, be sure to sew or stick in name labels to avoid them getting mixed up with their friend’s.
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