Guest Post – Life in the Munchkin Patch with the Graco Evo Mini

This is a guest post written by Liz who blogs over at Hart of the Munchkin Patch, Liz is a very good friend who has 2 beautiful girls Munchkin  (Lily-Sue) and Beastie  (Rosie).  Emmy and Lily-Sue are firm friends and are double trouble when they get together.  Emmy talks about her friend all of the time even insisting that she loves her more than Harry!

Liz has been reviewing the new Graco Evo Mini and here she shares her thoughts with us and I must admit I’m really loving the look of this!

Evo Mini goes shopping!

A few weeks ago, we were delighted to learn that we had been picked to test the new Graco Evo Mini. Since our testing started, we have really enjoyed using the pushchair in a variety of situations. In this post, we talk about our experiences on shopping trips with the Graco Evo Mini. Recently, we have written about our first impressions of the pushchair, and about how it managed a family day out to Peppa Pig World. Another place we have visited a number of times is our local shopping centre. The girls really enjoy going there, and a relaxed stroll around the shops can often calm the most challenging of days for Beastie. The lights, the buzz of the other shoppers, and the comfortable ride working together can ease the frustration of the most fractious moods in her. We were hoping that the Evo Mini would provide the same relief!
The smiles here show how happy she is to be sat in her Evo Mini. This is the reaction we get every single time!
On this particular occasion, we were out shopping for clothes. The perfect opportunity to see how well the Evo Mini copes in busy shops with limited space for manoeuvrability! Not to mention taking the chance to see if the seat is really as comfortable as it looks! 
Well, we had been out for about an hour when Beastie decided that she was hungry. This was the only time during this outing that Beastie was taken out of the Evo Mini. However, she was not out for long! We could see that she was very tired too, so prepared the Evo Mini for our sleepy Beast before putting her back in by reclining the back of the seat about half way. Beastie is a fighter when it comes to her sleep. She is so concerned that she will miss out on something, she will force her eyes to stay open, no matter how grumpy it makes her! However, we laid her in her pushchair, and after just 3 minutes of walking, this is what we were presented with …
Navigating around the shopping centre was so easy. The perfectly smooth, flat floor surface is one both girls have been fans of whilst in the buggy. However, it seems particularly smooth and flat when pushing the Evo Mini! To Beastie, it must feel as though she is almost floating on air!! The wheels move effortlessly and only when necessary and the large hood means that she is shielded from the bright fluorescent lighting whilst she tries to sleep. I did notice something else whilst we were on our shopping trip too. Something that will (and has) made The Man an instant fan of the Evo Mini …
Whilst I was off doing ‘girly stuff’ with Munchkin, (ie, finding and trying on clothes!), he was on pushchair duty. However, the moment he discovered he could push the buggy AND comfortably hold and enjoy his Caramel Latte at the same time, he was a fan of the Evo Mini! One handed navigation is really easy. This also comes in handy when I am out on my own with the girls as it means I can keep one hand free to hold Munchkin’s hand when necessary. 
A few days ago, we also used the rain cover for the first time in the rain! The rain was quite heavy and we needed to make a quick trip to the local shop. The rain cover attaches to the pushchair really easily, meaning that I would be able to secure it quickly if I got caught in a sudden downpour (<– it has been known!) It fits comfortably over the hood, and is held in place using velcro strips that wrap around the back of the hood and through the frame, and the opposite end of the cover is held together with a popper button that wraps around the front wheel axle. Beastie is perfectly happy sitting in the Evo Mini with the rain cover attached, and it does not restrict her movement or reduce her space at all!
In conclusion, the Evo Mini is a great pushchair for shopping. It is easy to move around the shop, weaving amongst the shop furniture without difficulty. The large shopping basket also means I can fit plenty of bits under the pushchair which creates an even distribution of weight and makes the Evo Mini  light and easy to push, even when the basket is full! I am also confident now that the rain will never be a problem either as I now know that the rain cover is substantial and well designed for its purpose!
Here are some other photos of our Evo Mini during our recent shopping trips …

Thank you to Clare (Emmy’s Mummy) for allowing us to share our Evo Mini experiences so far with you all! I hope you’ve enjoyed all we have had to say about Beastie’s new ride!
We have been sent the Graco Evo Mini for the purpose of an ongoing review and are competing for the title of ‘Graco Ambassadors’

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