Guest Post: A lovely Bee Craft by Helen

Today’s post is by a lovely friend of mine Helen, we have been friends since before we both started blogging, infact I first met Helen online before I was pregnant with Emmy!  Although Helen and I are yet to actually meet in person to power of online friendships are often stronger than those you have know in real life for years.  I love Helen’s blog and I do urge you to go and take a look as you will find wonderful kiddie friendly arts and crafts which are fun for children and educational too – you can find Helen and Peakles (her daughter’s nickname) blogging over at Peakle Pie and on G+ as +Peakle Pie  

I’m Helen and this is Peakles my three year old daughter. Peakles
and I have been crafting, learning, playing and writing about it on
our blog called Peakle Pie. We love to make things. We love to play
with things and best of all we love to make things to play with!
Over the past year we have made lots of colourful pictures, grown
things in our garden and been out and about on so many different
adventures. Peakles is very proud of what we do and will tell
everybody she can that she is Peakle Pie! 

try to maintain that ‘hands on’ feel with our site and Peakles is
involved with every craft and activity featured. We have been
following Emmy’s Mummy for many years now (before Harry!) and I love
the mix of reviews, crafts and things to do with babies and toddlers!
We are thrilled to be featured here and look forward to sharing some
of our bee crafts with you today!

Bee Craft:
We have been busy
making our garden bee friendly in anticipation of our bee colony
returning this year. Peakle Pie has been involved recently in
promoting why bees are not only important for the garden but also how
much they are involved in creating the foodstuffs that we all eat!
Peakles wanted to decorate the garden with some bee pictures to try
and encourage them back!
Here is a lovely simple
bee craft that can also be help develop fine motor skills, basic
counting and above all is fun and easy for the under 5’s to make!
For this wonderful bee
we used pink and brown ribbon, a glue stick, some sticky backed gems,
black card and yellow card plus some thread for hanging up. Peakles
used some children’s scissors to cut the ribbon and the card –
ideal for those fine motor skills – but if you have a younger child
or no appropriate scissors then feel free to cut the card and ribbons
for them.
Peakles cut out a large
circle from a sheet of yellow card. She then cut out some lengths of
brown ribbon after measuring them against the yellow circle so that
she could cut them to the right length. Peakles glued the brown
ribbons onto the circle to make a lovely stripy body for the bee. We
had talked about how their eyes were different to our eyes, so
Peakles did not want to use the wobbly eyes for this craft. She
decided to use some sparkly gems instead, which I think is a great
Bees have six legs and
Peakles enjoyed cutting out and counting out six legs, which she
stuck onto the bee body. Finally she added the wings which were two
loops of pink ribbon to the top of the bee!
I sewed a thread onto
the wings and we hung the bee up outside in the sunshine! We now
wait to see if the young queen bee from last year will return to our
roof for another year!
If you enjoyed this bee
activity and you want to find out more about how to look after your
garden bees or for more bee activities then please visit The
Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

We have written about
our bees and some other bee focused activities which can be found
31 Days of Kids in the
Garden – Learning about Bees –
The Bumblebee
Conservation Trust –
If you have enjoyed this post as much as we have (and I will be madding these with Emmy and Harry when we return) you can also find Helen over on FacebookTwitter and of course her wonderful crafts are all pinned to Pinterest.  Thank you so much for sharing with us today Helen.

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