Guest Post: Money saving tips for thrifty families by Kate

Today’s post is a great post by  the lovely +Kate Fever who blogs over at Family Fever.  Kate is a WAHM with 3 adorable children – Gemma, Jacob and Max.  Kate is an editorial writer for Mumii and helps to run their social media pages.

I’m not sure where she finds the time yet she has managed to find even more of it to write this post for us today.

Family Fever
Before children, we
used to think nothing of splashing £20 on a takeaway, or spending a
whole weekend wandering around the shops buying whatever took our

Since the small people
came along, this all seems rather wasteful – and with me now not
earning a full time wage, it’s just not practical. We have made a
few small adjustments to our daily lives to save a few pennies here
and there and make everything a little bit more comfortable money

  • Meal plan. This is my biggie, and
    the one which I think has probably saved us the most money.
    Previously, we would just head for the shop, and pick up whatever we
    saw, whatever took our fancy. Now we have a strict 2 week meal plan
    stuck to the fridge. Not only does this mean that I always know what
    ingredients I need to buy, it also stops the impulse buys – I am
    much more focused with my list, and only buy what we need. On
    another note, it also lets the kids know exactly what is for dinner
    that night – which means less moaning.
  • Shop at a lower priced
    supermarket. I was a bit of a food snob previously, and if anyone
    had suggested I shop in Lidl or Aldi I would have turned my nose up.
    But now I have ventured through the doors of cut price supermarkets,
    I wouldn’t go back. The food is EXACTLY the same quality (and in
    some cases, I actually think it is better) but miles cheaper. We
    save a good few pounds every week. We have also discovered that Lidl
    nappies are just as good as Pampers, but less than half the price.
  • Charity shop bargains. Kids grow
    out of clothes and toys at a rate of knots, and sometimes I just
    can’t bring myself to spend a small fortune on more t-shirts,
    trousers and stacking cups. So we often head to charity shops for
    this sort of thing – you find some really lovely stuff for
    fantastic prices. Little kids don’t care where their clothes have
    come from – make the most of it!
  • If you can – walk. Fuel costs an
    absolute fortune. We walk to school every day, and when he can my
    husband will cycle to work. Sometimes, it’s not practical – for
    example when he is based at another office for the day, but when he
    can it is a great way to save a bit of money. We try not to use the
    car for non-essential journeys at all. If we need to pop to town for
    milk and bread, we walk with Max in the pushchair and the older
    children on their scooters. Plus, we all get some fresh air and feel
    better for it too!
  • Become and eBay junkie. I love
    eBay. I do buy things on there, and have got a few bargains that way
    – but I mainly sell. My husband jokes that anything that isn’t
    nailed down will end up on eBay, and he’s not far off the mark.
    It’s a great way to get some money back from things you no longer
    need, and the funds you make can be put towards the next stage
    clothes, toys or books for your little ones. It’s a win-win

Do you have any top
tips to make your money go further?

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5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Money saving tips for thrifty families by Kate

  1. Oh My God I could have written this myself. My Mum was here for 9 weeks when Aaron was born and we used to walk passed the local Lidl when it just opened. She used to beg me to go in for a "look". I was on maternity leave. We had time. But I would not be seen dead in there! Now I am sometimes in there 3 times a week and it was Pampers Active Fit all the way when he was in nappies, but ever since pull ups came along it has been all Lidl's size 6s. What are they? Like 2.99 or something. LOVE LIDL – never thought I'd see they day xx

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