Guest Post: Planning you day, the spiritual way

For any busy parent one of the best ways to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible is to plan it out. Of course, that’s not always possible with small children and babies in the picture; they don’t always like to follow your plans! However having an idea of what you need and want to do each day is a good starting point, and can give your day a bit of purpose and structure.

One way to start the day off well is to check your daily horoscopes, particularly if you have an interest in the spiritual side of life and believe that we all have a destiny laid out for us. Checking your horoscopes can inform your planning of the day and help you decide how you’ll get the most from it and how you can avoid any disasters.

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If your daily horoscope predicts that good things will come from new experiences, you might decide to have an impromptu family day out, or if the stars are showing that home comforts will lift your mood you could do a spot of home baking with the kids or have a go at some DIY or home decorating. Taking a look at your stars is the perfect way to decide how best to shape and plan your family’s day.

There are hundreds of places to find daily horoscopes online but for a reputable and trusted daily horoscope, try Psychic Living online, where daily stars are brought to you by professional astrologer Patrick Arundell. You can also access weekly and monthly horoscopes here and watch weekly videoscopes, as well as benefiting from a bank of reputable psychic professionals if you are interested in delving more deeply into what your horoscopes say.


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