Guest post from Kate: Tips on taking great photos

As you know I am busy enjoying a family wedding today so once again I am passing over the reins for a guest post, this time I leave you in the very capable hands of the lovely Kate who blogs at Family Fever.  I have known Kate for many years and watched her beautiful family grow and blossom from two children to three and then from three to four.  Kate shares their lives openly and honestly with her readers.
As well as being a very busy Mum and Blogger, Kate is also about to embark on the beginning of her midwifery journey as she is about to start her open access course.
Over to Kate and her top tips:
“As a blogger and a parent, photos of the children are something we are never in short supply of. But how can you make sure you get the best pictures, ones you want to keep, share and display? It’s not as hard as you might think!
  1. Have a camera with you at all times. You never know when and where the perfect photo opportunity may arise. Some of my favourite photos are the really natural ones – the kids having a water fight in the garden, kicking a football in the park or running down the beach. We always have some sort of camera handy – whether that’s our big DSLR or my iPhone. It doesn’t matter what you use to capture the moment, just grab and snap

  2. Let your kids get messy. You can get some great snaps when the children are exploring and you stop worrying about the washing or mud on your floors. Get the paint out and let them do hand and foot prints, let them get mud on their faces looking for bugs, let them graze their knees climbing a tree. As I have said before, natural photos work so well, and capturing the innocence of childhood is so special.
  3. Join the fun. As much as we all want pictures of our kids having fun, it can be lovely to have a few with parents in them too! Get on the swings, zoom down the zipwire with baby on your lap, jump in the paddling pool and splash your toddler. Just make sure someone has a camera handy!

  4. Don’t say cheese! We’ve all done it – got the camera out and instructed everyone to “say cheese”! But have you tried doing it in a mirror? Can you see how false it looks? It’s nothing like a real smile. Try saying something funny, or telling a joke – you will capture the real smiles and laughing faces that way.

  5. Once you have your favourite photos, make sure you display them! It’s all too easy, especially with digital cameras and phones, to just keep the images on your computer forever. Make sure that every so often you print some out and frame them, so you can enjoy looking at them every day.

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These are great tips Kate, I snap 99% of mine on my smart phone as it is always to hand and saying ‘Cheese’ always produces the silliest of cheesy grins.
You can also find Kate over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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