Guest Post: A visit to BST Family Day by Sammie

I was invited to attend BST Family Day on Sunday, unfortunately Harry still had his Chicken Pox and we were unable to attend.  A very good friend Sammie who blogs over at One Blue, One Pink, very kindly stepped in for us to take our place and to share with you her thoughts on this much talked about event. 

So over to Sammie.

Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to Clare for giving us this opportunity for a family day out in London, I always appreciate offers that give the children new experiences, in fact this was a new experience for us all. 

Millie and I decided to go along with my friend and her daughter, so that we could have a nice girly day. Typically it rained when we arrived, but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits, we simply had lunch a little early and sat under a tent watching the world go by! 
When the rain finally stopped it was almost time to take part in the Frozen Sing along, which was going to be a World Record Breaking Attempt. We were all very excited about this and of course sang our hearts out when the time came! 


Dick and Dom, then Justin Fletcher took over that stage, and as Millie and her friend do not know who Dick and Dom are, and only vaguely recognised Justin as Mr Tumble (true Disney Princesses at heart these two!)  we only watched a small part of these performances. What we did see was good, funny and all the children seemed very happy. I also liked the fact that a few more screens were scattered about so you didn’t have to stand or sit right by the stage to see what was going on. 
One thing I found very annoying was that there was no printed event timetable, when I questioned the stewards about this they said that each stage had a timetable to the side of it, so we should just take a picture of each one, or if we could get online, look it up on there! I found this to be a bit strange and very unhelpful, as it meant we had to trudge across the field to each ‘stage’ to plan our day. Some might argue that we could have planned our day before we arrived, but when you are with children things do not always go to plan do they?! 
Millie was very happy when she spotted some Lego Ninjago characters, she watches the programme with her older brother Chester and is a big fan! On our way round we also spotted Tom and Jerry, Homer and Bart and Spongebob! 

There was a very small fair ground, so we let the girls have a go on the train, which they really enjoyed! 
All day both girls had been asking about Peppa Pig, we finally managed to track her down, along with her brother George. By following them back to the vip area!

Then we walked on over to the ‘stage’ to hear Peppa and George tell a story. The problem here was that the small catwalk like stage that they used for this was very high up from the ground, so adults struggled to see, let alone children! We had to put them on our shoulders which was back breaking for me! Nether the less both children really enjoyed the story time and joined in with the dancing too. We also caught a bit of the pirate show which was good fun. 



In truth I think as a family event there is definitely room for improvement here. The positioning of the stages, the food choice – there was A LOT to choose from but nothing really aimed at children, the lack of things for children to get involved in – nothing really hands on for them crafts etc, and more importantly the things that were there no one was really interacting with the children, so they quickly lost interest whilst we were standing there wondering what we were waiting for! 

So yes, we came home wondering what the day was all about, but nether the less we managed to have a good day, the company was good and the girls were happy that they met a couple of characters and got to sing along to ‘Let it Go’! 




Huge Thanks to Sammie and her beautiful daughter for stepping in for us, it definitely sounds like there is room for improvement next year and I do hope that this feedback is taken on-board by the organisers. 
For those wondering the World Record Attempt was successful that day!

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