Guest Post: Why you should help your child repay student loans quickly

Paying off your own college loan or maybe even helping out your children deal with their financial obligation can be very overwhelming. It’s possible to pay off the loans. It will take time and probably a lot of willpower. You’ll definitely need to have a plan and for parents wanting to help out, you should start saving now! That way you might even be able to pay off the debt much faster than you would expect. However, let’s talk about  the main reason why you should help your child pay off their loans fast.

The main reward? You’ll help them save more money and build a good credit score. Let’s say he or she possesses a ₤18,572 financial loan with a 4.5% rate of interest which must be settled over 2 decades – that’s ₤9,626 spent in interest. Nevertheless, if it is paid in half the time, it will only be ₤5,101. In the event it gets repaid inside 5 years, it ends up being ₤7424 less in interest. That’s sufficient funds to invest in a new car. Or maybe, depending on where you reside, a whole year or so of mortgage payments on your kids first home!
Doing away with the student loan fast will additionally provide your child with plenty of freedom – the liberty to have a lower-paying occupation that he actually cares about and the liberty to accept alternative “good” loans – such as a mortgage loan.
It’s equally important to understand that defaulting on an education loan will surely have really serious outcomes; in truth, not paying off student loan debts could be a whole lot worse than not repaying other types of debt. Defaulting on their finances could certainly destroy your kid’s credit history, which will make it hard to do almost everything from signing up for basic utilities to getting a basic apartment. The credit balances could very well expand thanks to accumulating interest. Of course, since most student loans are also federal government financial loans, the government can add fees or maybe take your child’s wages, by forcing his boss to withhold money from his or her salary and send it directly to the government.
Loan consolidation can also be a good choice. Consolidating your loans with your kids – grouping many small financial loans into one particular large one – it can make paying the fees more convenient, because at the end of the day you only have one to worry about.

Loan consolidation can extend your investment recovery timeframe. Even though this might help by offering lower repayments for all in the short-term, you do have to realise that there will be more interest to pay in the long-term. You could also run into additional problems if you’re thinking about merging your private loans – as ever since the credit crunch, less companies are providing private loan consolidation.

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