Gummee Glove review

The telltale signs of teething are here….red cheeks, grumpy, horrid nappies and chewing everything including his hands.

I remember this stage with Emmy lasted ages, she started showing signs from only a few months old however her 1st tooth didn’t appear until 9 months.

We have tried the normal teething rings and toys which do work well and are helping however as Harry is only 6.5 months old it’s difficult for him to hold them himself and moments later they are dropped and the screaming begins again.

We have been sent a Gummee Glove and it is great as Harry doesn’t have to keep hold of it and can chew happily on this.

A Gummee Glove is a mitt worn by babies with teethers actually attached to the mitt, there is also a water filled ring which can be removed, cleaned and popped in the fridge – this is then slotted back into the mitt and held in place by a very study press stud.

Brightly coloured it is attractive to babies who will then instinctively do what babies do best – chew and pop it in their mouths.

It comes with it’s own storage bag so can be kept in a changing bag easily or stuffed into your pocket (I’ve done this and now can’t remember where it is).

I find our glove useful for when out to lunch and waiting for food to arrive as it keeps Harry amused, he loves pulling on it too as if trying his hardest to remove the teethers, not that he could be it doesn’t stop him trying!

He does occasionally forget himself though and this ends in floods of tears when he has smacked himself in the face with it.

Gummee Gloves are priced at £9.99 and you can choose a blue or pink detachable teething ring.

As you can see Harry is rather taken with his glove.  You can find Gummee Glove on Facebook and on Twitter.

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