Gumtree Infographic: Baby v’s career

Times are changing and having a child shouldn’t mean the end of a career, infact it could mean the beginning of a new and exciting one.

Below is an infographic showing how times have changed.  I was 30 when Emmy arrived, my Mum however had me at 21.

I was a Nanny prior to having my children, and I actually went back to work when Emmy was 12 weeks old.  She was able to come with me so I had the perfect work/home balance – I would leave home with Emmy at 6.45am and return home with her at 7.30pm.  This worked well for me as I could look after the two children while looking after Emmy too.  I had a travel cot where she could sleep and she attended the kids clubs and school functions with us.  The children I Nannied for loved having her around.

I continued working until she was around almost a year old and only left as the Mum I worked for gave up work.

What job do you have and how do you manage to get a happy work/home balance?

I have a wonderful home life/work balance as a Blogger and a Freelance writer.

Gumtree infographic baby versus careerGumtree infographic baby versus career is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

“Posted in collaboration with Gumtree” 

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