H&A Ambassador Review and Giveaway

What with our holiday, illnesses galore and then Easter and more illness I’m not actually sure I got around to telling you about our new Ambassador role.
A while back the Tots100 teamed with H&A to search for their first brand Ambassadors, we wrote a post (you can read it here) to apply and a short while after heard that we were chosen to join the team. My two are water babies and love their baths – in fact for the past few days they have been asking for one in the morning and one at night, so were very pleased and happy to try out bath products.
I’m sure it was this picture which helped secure our place – how cute is Harry and don’t we all have picture’s like this?

Or perhaps it was this one – the team must really like a challenge!
Emmy was maybe not so keen when she found out she was testing shampoo as she currently hates having her hair washed however that soon changed when she saw the packaging – I mean is there a 4 year old out there who doesn’t like Ariel?
We were sent the Ariel Conditioning Shampoo and a Detangler for Emmy while Harry received a Ben10 Conditioning Shampoo – not that he would have minded Ariel as at 18 months he is far more interested in what toys are in the bath and playing with his toes.
These all retail at £2 and are available at Tesco and Wilkinson.
The nice thing about the shampoo’s is that they stand up on the squeezy end which means all the contents falls to the bottom so no struggling to get the last drops out of the bottom when you are near the end and they are actually a lot harder to squeeze than most shampoo’s.  This means that you won’t accidently use too much by mistake.
The shampoo lathers well on the hair and is easy to rinse too.
As I said before Emmy hates having her hair washed so here are my top tips for hair washing:
  • Have a clean flannel to hand which your child can hold over their eyes
  • Have all shampoos, conditioners and towels ready and to hand
  • Have a wide toothed comb ready to help brush the shampoo and conditioner through the hair to the ends
  • Use clean warm water to rinse (using the bath water will leave their hair a little greesy and all shampoo won’t wash out properly
  • Teach your child to look up at the ceiling or in our case the patterned tiles on our wall when you are hair washing
  • Keep talking to them and keep it fun
  • Sing a song – we sing “It’s raining it’s pouring” when we hair wash
  • Rinse well – make sure all shampoo and conditioner is removed to avoid sore or itchy heads
  • Towel dry well when you get out of the bath
  • Comb
Once I have towel dried Emmy’s hair I use the spray conditioner to help leave it tangle free and it is great to spray on in the mornings to help loosen her bedtime tangles, and stops her moaning when I brush her hair.
Adding the conditioning spray helps to turn Emmy’s bird’s nest into something far more manageable.
Giveaway Time
H&A have given me a Minnie Mouse Shampoo and a Ben10 Shampoo to giveaway to a lucky reader, all you have to do is fill in the rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway will end at midnight on 11th May 2014 – Good Luck.


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57 thoughts on “H&A Ambassador Review and Giveaway

  1. Encourage them to get involved in washing it themselves from an early age. My girls have curly hair and I found a leave in conditioner worked best, less tears over rinsing too!

  2. Me and my two daughters have a beauty regime lol, and one of these includes mayonnaise or beer for our hair! My eldest daughter has knee length hair and as its never been cut, we try to keep it as healthy as possible, and mayo/beer helps keep it glossy and soft all the time! (Just remember to rinse with very cool water!) 🙂 ps once you have rinsed it never smells of the alcohol or of the mayo! 🙂

  3. I stand my son over the bath before he goes in to wash his hair first, that way we use a towel for his eyes so no soap goes in.
    It works a treat and no longer cries before bath time x

  4. If you've got school (or nursery) aged children it's worth putting a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil into the shampoo. I've found that this helps to ward off the dreaded head lice

  5. I wash my daughters hair in the shower rather than the bath as it jets at an angle making it less likely to go into her eyes, I also get her to hold the shampoo bottle and comb ready to hand to me when needed so shes involved and we do 'times tables' competitions through the whole process. Shes so busy trying to work out the answer before me she forgets to have a paddy over the hair washing 😉

  6. I give mine a choice between two shampoos to stop them moaning that they "dont want shampoo" it gives them the control back but gets the job done

  7. don't wash the hair in too hot water it can damage hair and make it fine, for shiny healthy looking hair have a blast of cold water after conditioning!

  8. Right from being small I have not been careful about getting water in my two's faces. It sounds cruel but now they are not bothered about having their hair washed or getting water in their face!

  9. Do it as quickly as possible and don't make an issue out of it. My daughter is a bit of a drama queen and the more you make a big deal out of something the worse she'll react.

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