HABA 75th Anniversary Review – Clutching Toy Magic Arch

This is another clutching toy, the Magic Arch by HABA, made for babies to clutch, hold, chew and manipulate.

Well made from Maple and Beech wood, with brightly coloured painted balls.

This is threaded onto elastic and each section is movable.

Twist, bend, hold, chew & shake – Harry loves this and it is perfect for little hands.

This toy is kept in my changing bag and whipped out in waiting rooms and whenever Harry need entertaining quietly – it’s a welcomed change to have a toy which doesn’t require batteries or make noises.

Harry also likes trying to put it over his feet and spends ages moving it from one wrist to another, one foot to another and often I have left the house to go shopping with it attached to my wrist as an over sized bracelet, ready to amuse my little one.

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