HABA 75th Anniversary Review – Penguin Squirter

To help celebrate Haba’s 75th Anniversary, 75 bloggers have been given a selection of toys each to review.  I am lucky enough to be one of those 75, and this post marks the first of three posts showing our items.  Ours were all for Harry.

Penguin Squirter

75th anniversary, haba, penguin squirter, bath toy

A cute Penguin has come to make bath times fun, a nice change from the ducks which have been a permanent fixture in our bathroom for a while now.

Filled with water its a sure fire way to make both my kids giggle with a bath-time water fight, easy to hold and fun to chew on – well so Harry thinks anyway!

He was also a nice addition to add to our indoor snow play table a while ago.

You can visit the HABA website here, or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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