Hair Flair review

It was only a matter of time before Emmy past into ‘That stage’ of growing up – you know the one many children hit earlier than we would like, not wanting me to choose her clothes, not wanting to change in front of others and needing the door closed, wanting to copy her friends hair styles and stealing my make-up/jewellery

I remember doing the same at roughly a similar age, I wanted to wear the same as my friends and was no longer happy with the dress picked out by my Mum and I chose to have my hair cut short much to my Dad’s despair and horror.

Emmy has always been shy and not wanted to join in with dancing lessons, gymnastics etc. even though her friends all do these however this new school year she has come out of her shell, joined Art club after school and at lunch times has been learning dance moves from her friends who do dance classes and then coming home and asking to watch the music videos on YouTube so she can copy.  Of course with the pop stars on the screen in front of her she has now begun wanting different coloured hair, different clothes and make up……NOT happening of course at the age of 6 little lady!

We have compromised though and she is now loving Hair Flair from Fab Lab.  This is a DIY kit where she can use the contents to make her own clip-in multi-coloured hair extensions and funky hair braids.

Hair Flair reviewInside this set you will find:

  • 4 striped coloured hair extension strands
  • 2 plain coloured hair extension strands
  • 1 ombre rainbow coloured hair extension strand
  • 6 coloured feathers
  • 6 coloured embroidery threads
  • 8 hair extension clips
  • silver-coloured beads and jewellery fittings
  • 1 12 page step-by-step illustrated instruction manual

Hair flair review

We started off with a basic hair braid, something I could possibly do with my eyes closed after doing them in my own hair when I was younger and from my friendship making days.  To start we took 2 stands of different colours and passed through one of the holes in the hair clip. These are then secured by knotting them a few times – Emmy enjoyed this and did more than was probably required but as she was having fun and it was for her hair its entirely up to her.

To make a pattern you then need to take one strand of thread, wrap to around the others and then knot it, repeat a few times and them change colours.

hair flair01

I started off to show Emmy how to do it and then left her in charge, it took her a while to grasp and was a little fiddly for her but once she got going she really enjoyed it and wanted to continue.  The sense of achievement over whelmed her and she kept excitedly showing off her progress step-by-step.

Making a hair braidThere are lots of colour combinations you can chose to make your braids, from your favourite team colours to braids to co-ordinate with your clothes. You can add feathers and silver balls – the combinations are endless – you can even plait the threads together for a different look.

Emmy loved adding the balls into her designs and then adding feathers to the bottom for a pretty effect.

Once made they are then clipped into the hair by pushing down into the hair and pulling downwards a little so they grip the hair.

Inside this kit there are enough supplies to create 8 braids.

I’d say they are most suitable for aged 7 plus and will provide hours of enjoyment for kids (and parents too).

hair braid 04Younger children, such as Emmy, will require a little more help to make these as even when they grasp the idea of what to do they will need you to either hold the clip to keep the threads taught or as I used to do as a child shut the clip/end into a draw and keep closed – this will help you to hold the threads taught so you can make your design with ease and more effectively.

You can replace the threads with embroidery cotton which is widely available, so if you do get bored with these styles you could cut them off and make another – or use a hair slide and make your braids on the slide instead.

These clip in extensions can be worn by all ages – Emmy loves them and I have been made to wear them too.

Available from the Interplay website for £9.99 and also available from Amazon* and other good sites.


Disclaimer:  We received this product in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own. *affiliate link


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