Half term fun #FloraFamilyFun

Last week Emmy was off sick for a few days and then past the dreaded bug onto Harry.
This has meant even with a few sunny days we’ve been stuck in the house so as not to pass the germs on to others.
Thankfully we were sent a hamper of craft activities and baking ingredients from Flora to keep us going along with their Flora Family Fun Guide which is packed full of craft ideas and recipes.
It’s been a godsend as with a poorly boy I’ve not had to think too much about what we can make and then getting all the tools, equipment and ingredients ready.
They guide come with easy to follow instruction’s and pictures to follow.  This is great to put infant of the children and let them do their own thing with what I’ve given them.
First up we tried pasta necklaces, the guide does say to use food colouring and food bags but we went done the painting route so as to make the activity last longer.
The kids had paint to share, paint brushes and the pasta was laid in trays to contain the mess – if you know my kids you’ll know they prefer to paint with their hands.  The messier the better.
Once finished these were left to dry for a few days.
We’ve also been baking and with baking of course comes spoon and bowl licking.
We’ve made cupcakes and cinnamon & raisin cake bites ( they were supposed to be cookies but my baking tray were in the dishwasher).
Puppet fun has also been on the agenda and we’ve made our own sock puppets and put on a puppet show.
Take a look at the fun the kids have had this week:
If you’d like to have some Flora Family Fun you can find the guide here for some crafting and baking inspiration.

15 thoughts on “Half term fun #FloraFamilyFun

  1. Poor things, sorry that the kids have been poorly and hope they're feeling better soon, but sounds like a great craft pack to get in the post . I bet it has kept everyone busy. x

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