Half term plans V’s Half term reality

In the lead up to half term, I have all these plans laid out in my head or even written into the diary.

On paper they look fantastic and I can envisage us all having a blast every day, making memories and having wonderful things to write into Emmy’s holiday diary to take back to school.

However we all know that even the best laid plans NEVER work out as they should.

Come the end of term my children turn into monsters, they are over tired and worn out – we all know that feeling but at 3 & 6 it’s hard to combat and to cope with.  The mood swings and emotions manifest and explode and all they really want to do is throw routine aside and forget our plans.  What they really need is Mummy.

For the first few days of the holiday we just need to chill, so while I may be sitting with Diggerland tickets and Farm tickets already purchased for this week they remain unused (thankfully open dated) and that is how they will remain until a later date.

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This weekend we travelled up north for a family wedding for which the children were so well behaved but since returning they have been shattered, well we all have, so instead of ploughing on with the pre-laid plans we have done very little this half term so far.

There has been a lot of TV, lots of cuddles and reading stories, there have been pyjama days were the children haven’t got dressed.  Afternoon naps, more cuddles and stories.  There has been quiet drawing and board games. Dressing up and quiet crafts and while it isn’t the fun adventures of parks, farms and London which I had pre-planned it has been what we have all needed.

Children don’t always need to go out and do things to have fun and cancelling plans to listen to what your children need is an essential part of parenting, you aren’t failing by having quiet days at home and the children really don’t mind at all.  They don’t always need fun and adventure – what they actually need is you.

Emmy and Harry are now rested and the grumps have disappeared and half term isn’t actually over just yet so we still have enough time to have some more family fun outside of the house.

How do you find half term pans out?  Do you make plans in advance or do you wing it?

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One thought on “Half term plans V’s Half term reality

  1. We have had a great week…Busy times but time to just relax too.
    It sounds like a lovely week for you even if the Diggerland tickets and Farm tickets haven't been used yet. x

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