Halloween costumes and reminiscing

Emmy has always loved dressing up.  This usually involves some sort of princess outfit, a tiara and a bag too.
She is a very girlie girl you see. Infact for the very first Halloween party she attended she went dressed as a princess, as you do – Hey if you’ve seen her in FULL on tantrum mode you would be afraid – very afraid!
Harry on the otherhand has also the same love of dressing up but he will happily wear anything – his favourite being my shoes!
This year for Halloween we will actually be on holiday so where as we have often let the kids dress up to open the door to the trick or treaters, this year there will be a proper party for them to attend in the club house and this means proper fancy dress costumes.
As I will need to pack these I’ve asked Emmy what she wants to dress up as…..Doc McStuffins is her current outfit choice ( typical Emmy) so of course I just had to add this Doc McStuffins Lambie outfit (a baragin at £12.50) to our shopping list when browsing the fancy dress outfits from George at Asda for inspiration!
I also like the Batman the dark knight outfit – I don’t like the idea of dressing the children in scary costumes just yet – they will be only 4 and a half and 2 this Halloween and we’ve years of witches and spookiness to go, for now I’m content with cute and adorable – However the hooded Monster is very cute!
What are your Halloween plans this year?
Do you let your children go Trick or Treating?
I was never allowed when I was younger and we haven’t let ours (they are far too young – although we have driven to Nanny and Grandad’s dressed up but not sure that really counts). 
I do however clearly remember the first time I was old enough to go – Mum and Dad let me and my Brother go with our neighbours children accompanied by their older siblings (they were much older than us all so trusted) , there was a big group of us and the haul we came back with was amazing – sweets, fruit (not appreciated as a child) and money too.  I loved it – we had our pictures taken, chatted to the people at the doors and it was a great evening.
In hindsight looking back they were most likely intimated by a big group of children knocking their doors and the fact the older siblings looking after us were well known in the area, for well, not always the best of reasons may have been a little worrying for them. 
We are lucky were we live and even though we are next to a busy road we don’t get too many here.
As a parent I now find it very irritating when they knock the door after the kids are asleep or worse still when teenagers just wear a dark hoodie or a bin bag and shout trick or treat – with no effort put in at all. 
Effort you see this something like this:

That is me pregnant with Emmy – Halloween 2009!  It had to be done.
Anyone else bump painted? I would love to see!
*This is a collaborative post

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