Hand & Foot Print Reindeer Cards

Whilst we had the paint out last week to make our Handprint Christmas Wreath I got Emmy to do some Footprints using Brown paint and some Yellow Handprints (excuse the lack of photo’s for this part as it was very messy).

Once these were dried I cut around them all:

To make 1 Reindeer Christmas card you need:

1 Brown Foot Print
2 Yellow Hand Prints (1 Left Hand, 1 Right Hand)
Red PomPom
Googly eyes or stickers

I then stuck 2 Yellow Handprints onto the Footprint (On the toe end) to make antlers:

This was then stuck onto a folded piece of card – it can be any colour, we chose a festive Green:
The Reindeer was then transformed with a Red PomPom nose and some stickers for eyes:
All ready to write out for both sets of Grandparents!
This is last years Christmas Card – Green Handprint Christmas Trees:
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6 thoughts on “Hand & Foot Print Reindeer Cards

  1. Those are brilliant!!! We did Angela last year with hand print wings and Xmas trees the year before with lots of green handprints! There is no end to the possibilities!

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