Handwriting exercises the brain

Handwriting is good for your health. When we put pen to paper three separate areas of the brain are activated compared to only one when we type. National Pen have created an infographic on why the pen and paper still has a place in a world gone digital.

One in three people think their handwriting is terrible and men believe their handwriting is worse than women’s. Regardless of gender, learning to write is mile-stone in a child’s development and by secondary school 85% of school activity involves pen to paper.

If you want your kids to improve their handwriting, one of the common problems includes a weak grip which can be remedied with a thicker pen. Another effortless way to get a child writing is to encourage them to copy letters in the sand pit or write them on a frosted window with their finger. They will be having fun, engaging their fine motor skills and learning to write too.


All hail the mighty pen: More handwriting, less typing

All hail the mighty pen: More handwriting, less typing, courtesy of National Pen


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