Handy and Healthy Cooking for Kids

Including the four food groups in
family meals is easier said than done for working parents. It’s
not that the will isn’t there. What’s missing is having the time
to plan meals so that children are getting all of the nutrients that
they need.

This is where frozen foods save
the day. While shoppers once regarded foods out of the freezer
dubiously in the early days, they are now recognised as possessing
ingredients for a balanced diet. They’re convenient too, which has
made frozen foods a hit with families around the UK.

Food groups

The basic food groups which are
necessary to a healthy diet consist of grains, dairy products, fruit
and vegetables and meats.

When fruit and vegetables in
particular are frozen, their nutrients are sealed in until they are
cooked so side servings of peas, carrots and spinach will be packed
with vitality for children.

All children love a plate of chips
so, luckily, the same nutrient rule can be applied to frozen chips
from McCain.

There are no additives in these
tasty french fries
as they contain nothing but quality potatoes
and sunflower oil. As far as preparation goes, there are the
convenient choices of deep or shallow frying as well as microwaving
and oven baking. They’re equally delicious either way and go
fabulously with other frozen dishes.

Frozen variety

Kids not only love
French fries, they
love pizza. There are so many frozen varieties to choose from which,
with their healthy salami, cheese, tomatoes and crispy bases, already
cover the food groups.

The great thing about pizzas is
kids can take part in selecting their favourites types from a
fantastic selection and parents can feel confident that they’re
getting necessary nutrients.


Most children seem to have an
absolute allergy to eating vegetables but this can be overcome.
Again, small quantities of vegetables and just about any kind of
vegetable can be on the side of a pizza and chip dish so kids can
feel they’re getting something they like as well. There are all
kinds of tricks to getting children to eat healthily. Sometimes, it’s
best just to put it all on the plate and say ‘eat up’!


A bit of meal planning goes a long
way. Before going to the supermarket, decide on how you’ll use your
frozen food over the week before shopping. The great thing about
frozen food is it rarely goes to waste.

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