Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary

The title of this post obviously gives away the special occasion which Paul and I are celebrating today, however today not only marks our 10th Wedding Anniversary but also marks 16 years since we first got together at a friend’s birthday party – his 21st birthday.  Paul and I were also 21.

Gosh it really was an age ago and we have change A LOT since then, thankfully those changes are for the better otherwise our beautiful children wouldn’t be here would they?

This is one of the earliest pictures I can find of us together, back in a day long before Facebook was around to share our pictures, in a day where we still had to print them off mainly to see them so therefore I don’t have many – I could never be bothered to print them and of course those I did I’ve since lost, tucked away safely somewhere.

A little hot and sweaty and most likely a tad drunk too – this was taken around my 25th Birthday, I had hired out the whole of a children’s soft play area for my Birthday, as you do and celebrated with around 20 of our closest friends.  I was a Nanny back then and got to do this all the time for work and got paid for it, while my friends all had office jobs, after being told how much they wanted to play in one of these play areas but not having kids they obviously couldn’t so I surprised them by hiring it for a few hours.  Perhaps meeting in the pub before hand was a little unwise before heading onto a mini bus but it was so much fun.

We managed to cram in a lot during our dating years, mainly clubbing most weekends and lots of holidays.

A break away to Rome where our hotel was just a stones throw away from the Trevi fountain after being upgraded to an even better room, which was absolutely stunning however 3 floors up with no lift was a killer after a full days walking to see all the sites and eating our body weight in pizza.

A wonderful hiking holiday in the Lake District where we stayed in a beautiful stone cottage with Barney. We planned daily hiking trips and due to a few wrong turns on one of those days, naming no names but I certainly wasn’t reading the map (because I can’t) we ended up walking 11 miles involving hills and lots of blisters.

Another memorable holiday was our trip to Australia where we spent a magical 3 weeks traveling around visiting friends and family while cramming in as many of the sites as we could, including climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Our life together has always been spontaneous, unplanned and of course a little crazy.  Things never really go to plan for us like the time Paul planned to propose in a posh hotel we were booked into, however his Dad got wind of his plan and started telling friends and family so while very drunk after a works Christmas party he threw a ring box at me and said “and???”, of course it was a yes from me but hardly the romantic gesture he had planned. Then when we did stay in the hotel a few days later I was so over tired due to not sleeping (over excitement) that I was sick and our expensive meal was rather a waste.

We have had some wonderful times over the years, and there is usually never a dull moment.  I usually get my own way in our relationship like the time Paul wanted to elope to Vegas to get married and I told him I would cost up a wedding here and then we could weigh up our options……fast forward to the next day and I had booked our local church with my choice of date – the day we got together so neither of us would ever forget our Anniversary.

Its hard to believe this magical day was now 10 years ago.

We’ve aged and added 2 beautiful children into our household and although we may fight and bicker at times we do still love each other dearly.

Here’s to a very happy 10 years and to another 10 and more to come – and there were those who said this wouldn’t last!


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6 thoughts on “Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both. You’ve done so many of the same trips as I’ve done with my hubby. We love Rome and also ate our weight in pizza, its so good out there! We had our honeymoon in Australia and travelled around for 3 weeks. I climbed the Sydney Bridge too and have the same photo. Minus my husband though, he is scared of heights and was sat in the Sydney park watching The Ashes cricket on the big screen. Lovely to read about your time together. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x

  2. Happy anniversary to you both! That’s lovely that you got married on your existing anniversary date – our original one has fallen by the wayside now we’re married. I love looking back on couple stuff before kids came along – so many memories crammed in! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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