Happy 4th Birthday little man

My darling Harry

How on earth can you now be 4 years old?

It seems like only yesterday we welcomed you into the world but here you are now turning 4 and you have become such a handsome and loving little man.

I’m not allowed to call you my baby any more – you absolutely hate that and tell me off every time. Infact you just LOVE to remind me that you are a Gentleman – holding the door open for me and saying ‘after you m’lady, I’m a Gentleman’ – I am not sure where you got that from but please don’t ever stop!

You have amazing manners – at times, I just wish you’d choose to use them at the table instead of wanting to use your fingers ALL the time.

You are LOUD, you are WILD, you are ADVENTUROUS, you are FEARLESS, you are CRAZY, you are BOISTEROUS, you are IMPATIENT.

You CLIMB, you SHOUT, you NO NOT LISTEN, you don’t SIT down

BUT you are you!!

You are LOVING, you are KIND, you are SENSITIVE, you are SWEET, you give amazing CUDDLES, you LOVE everyone, you EAT everything, you are BRILLIANT.

Happy 4th Birthday Harry

Harry, you are my best friend and we have so much fun together.

You are having so much fun at Nursery and can’t wait to be the first in the door on the days you attend. You always speak of the friends you have made and those friends always seek you out in the playground after school to say goodbye.

I am so very proud of the boy you have become.

You may drive me mad at times and boy are you going to turn me grey but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and hope you never ever change.

I am so sad you will be in Nursery all day today but I know how excited you are at handing out your sweets to your friends, your school photographs with the owl and then a playdate at the Firehouse after school.

Mummy loves you SO very much little man



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