Happy 6th Birthday Princess Emmy

My Darling Emily
You continue to amaze me princess,
You entered the world screaming and not much has really changed!
I think they forgot your off switch when you were still growing and you certainly came pre-installed with Duracell batteries, you are alert 24/7 and hate sleep – I’m sure it’s because you are frightened of missing out on something, which I assure you you’re not but hey – after 6 years this is you, and you are wonderful.
This school year you have found your feet, gone is that shy girl who wouldn’t speak in class, who wouldn’t talk to her teacher and hated most of her school time, replaced with this young lady who loves homework and learning (of course you get that from me *cough*).  You bound into school usually with yet another workbook you have created at home for show and tell, something you’ve designed and are proud of.  You thrive on being up front and showing everyone what you’ve made and of course you love the attention too.
You have moved up 2 reading levels this school year, gone from having to wrestle you to sit still and try at least to read a page to me to now choosing grown up books which contain very long chapters and needing very little guiding at all.  Gone are the picture books and ‘baby books’ – replaced by your favourite Animal Ark novels.  This has also helped your spelling too as you now keep acing your spelling tests – I am so proud!!
You’ve moved passed your fussy eating ways too and now don’t just live on Jacket Potatoes with Cheese and Beans at school and plain foods at home, you are willing to at least try and you now also love meat.
Your confidence have grown and you’ve gone from that little girl who cried after moving up swimming classes to again moving up a level and becoming my water baby, my little mermaid.  You had no fear at all this week in your new Green hat swimming class, you shot passed others who’ve been in the class longer (sorry to your cousins – I think you were proving you could do it just as well, and you certainly did).
I’m not sure how it happened that I am now a Mummy to a 6 year old but I am so glad I am.
I love you to the moon and back
Keep continuing to surprise me as you do every day sweetie,
You are YOU
and you are WONDERFUL
Love you one hundred million and one!!

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