Happy 7th Birthday Princess

Happy 7th Birthday

Darling Emily

I really need a stopwatch to stop time now, how is it even possible that you are now 7 years old?

I am trying hard to think back to your last birthday but I am struggling sadly, I remember it well but the young lady you are developing into is hiding the younger you.

You have certainly changed a LOT in the past year, you are far more independent now and more outgoing and of course out-spoken too!

You have found a new circle of friends, not leaving the old ones behind but expanding the group so you have many more people to play with at lunch and break times. I always worried when you said you were lonely and had no one to play with, it turns out you actually did but you are head strong and they weren’t drumming to your beat.

I am glad you have a bigger circle, so depending on your mood you have friends to play with.  You’ve actually started to tell me about these games too which is a vast improvement on the ‘I can’t remember’ or ‘don’t know’ I had been getting to my questions.

You are blooming at school too, happy to be there (finally) and you seem to be doing really well in class.  You are loving the extra maths tuition you are receiving and are so excited by topic work that you are doing extra homework – without being asked! – Who is this child and what have you done with Emily?

You have actually started to try to go to bed on your own too – a vast improvement on me staying with you until you are asleep – we are very keen to keep this going and of course improve upon it!

You have a new found love of singing and movies and thankfully we seem to have the same tastes – although I am definitely NOT keen on karaoke.

You have blossomed into a beautiful, clever and funny young lady who we are immensely proud of.

You continue to surprise us daily.

You are a wonderful big Sister to Harry, most of the time – you do get on really well…..OK you fight like cat and dog but you certainly have your moments.

Happy birthday beautiful girl.

We are so looking forward to your birthday celebrations and have so many surprises for you.

Love always Mummy & Daddy x


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