Happy Anniversary to me

Have I ever told you about the most laid back bride in the world?
OK, maybe not in the world but I certainly was the most laid back in Essex on the 9th March 2007 when I got married to Paul.
The lead up to the wedding, the planning and all the little final touches pretty much went to plan barring a few hitches.  We have never had things go to plan in our lives so knew the wedding would be no exception and it was very true, nothing was unsolvable but there were a few hiccups along the way, as can probably be said about most wedding plans.
Firstly I struggled to get the 3 older bridesmaids into matching dresses due to the age and size differences, one was the same age as me and then I had a 7 & 9 year old (and then a 6 & 3 year old) not a huge problem and one which was overcome quite easily with a dress maker friend taking up the dress of one of the girls and me buying an adults size dress for the 9 year old and removing the tags, these were all purchased in the Debenhams sale. I then purchased different dresses for the two very young bridesmaids.
I then had to rearrange someone to do the make-up for my bridesmaids and my Mum as it was booked in with the hairdressers to do at the same time as their hair but the lady doing it left not long before my wedding.  I had already booked mine with a lady I’d found at a wedding fair.
The cake worry was completely my own fault as I had no idea that wedding cakes took so long to make and this would need booking so far in advance, I’m used to popping to Tesco if I need a cake last minute but it’s not really the done thing with wedding cakes apparently unless you want to decorate yourself and don’t want something too elaborate, thankfully it was my then boss who pointed this out to me and helped me to search for wedding cake makers who could make mine in the given time frame, I think I had around 2 months left until the wedding, she then also paid for it as a wedding present for me.  I had an awesome boss back then!
The wedding car hire went wrong two weeks before the wedding as our then house mate was hiring his brother-in-law to drive his vintage taxi for us, he had however forgotten to pay him a holding deposit as thought as it was family he wouldn’t need to but he didn’t actually clarify this with him.  This was all unbeknown to us and we thought it was all sorted until two weeks before the big day and then we had to hire whatever was available at that short notice.
The biggest and worst set back we had was the day before our wedding, we put our dog Barney into kennels with Paul’s parents 2 dogs, the kennels picked the dogs up and drove them there.  A few hours later we received a call to say that when they were unloading the dogs, Rocket (Paul’s Dads dog) had escaped, they hadn’t closed the gates behind them when they drove into the kennels and he bolted out of the gates.  Paul went down to help the search which then turned into hours and hours before he tragically found him dead at the side of the road having been run over.  We were all devastated and tears flowed all night long. 
By the morning of the wedding, if anything went wrong then nothing could be as bad as the night before and it could be dealt with.

My photographer arrived along with my parents and the bridesmaids who hadn’t slept here and we all headed off to the hairdressers to get our hair done and to start drinking champagne – as you do on your wedding day at 10am.  I’d pre-ordered sandwich platters from M&S  so that we had all eaten a little something before heading to the church as I had a lunchtime wedding and we wouldn’t eat until around 3.30pm ish.  
My hairdresser, photographer and my make-up artist all joked throughout the morning that they hadn’t seen a more relaxed bride before, I felt calm and collected throughout the morning, so much so that when everyone headed off to the church leaving only my Dad and I at home I actually made a cup of tea and we sat down, when the car arrived back I went outside, locked the door and posted my key through the letterbox – Paul and I were staying in a hotel overnight so I wouldn’t need it, we got into the car and I realised I’d left my bouquet in the house, and now I had no key.  I was already 20 minutes late for my wedding as it was just down the road and I wasn’t arriving on time – I’d always planned on being late.
Dad had to call Paul who thankfully hadn’t turned his phone off, he then had to give a key to his brother who then had to come and let me in to retrieve my flowers before I would head off to the wedding arriving a whopping 40 minutes late.  Now although I had planned to be late it was never my plan to be so late but it did relieve any walking down the aisle nerves (not wobbles, just nerves of everyone watching me) as they were laughing at me as I held up my flowers in triumph.

I think the last snag was that I had managed to lose even more weight between my final dress fitting and the actual day, the hooped underskirt was too big and I couldn’t find any safety pins, I ended up removing the hoop in the toilets at my reception which unfortunately meant my dress was too big and I couldn’t walk or dance in it.

It was still an amazing day! 

If you liked this post you can read about my wedding planning on a budget over on Jaimie’s lovely blog – The Oliver’s Madhouse. Jaime is one of my best friends, met through blogging and although we’ve only met up a handful of time she is someone I chat with daily and is the nicest person you will ever meet and we certainly have the best time laughing and giggling our way through blog events together, there was a cooking event which certainly sticks in my mind as I don’t think I have ever laughed so much.  For someone sharing her name with a famous chef; a non-cooker has taught herself some new skills which you can see over on her second blog ‘Not THAT Jaime Oliver’.

You can also read about how Paul and I met which the lovely Donna has shared this week in her wonderful ‘The beginning of us’ series.  This is such a lovely blog series where fellow bloggers share their stories of how they met their other halves. Donna Blogs over at ‘What the Redhead Said’ which is a lovely blog sharing the insights of family life with her 2 beautiful children with a good mix of family friendly reviews and competitions thrown into the mix.

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