Happy Birthday Harry 3 Today

I actually sit here pondering just where the years have gone. 

My Harry pregnancy was announced on this blog when I was a mere 8 weeks pregnant.
His sex revealed here too and his birth announcement went up while I was still in the recovery room after he was born via planned section, a mere 30ish minutes after he was born….with forward planning and cunningness and of course the aid of a good friend Rainy Day Mum – Cerys.

My Darling Harry

Full of beans and on the go 24/7 Harry you are a wonderful and loving soul, boisterous and loving in equal measures.

You look after others so wonderfully and always have the ability to fill a room with smiles and laughter.

A joker through and through.

Definitely not one to sit still…EVER,  even in your sleep you travel the bed constantly.
Seeking adventures at every turn.

That cheeky look you give when you know you are doing something you shouldn’t and the “Sorry Mummy” followed by a kiss to avoid telling off. You’ve us all wrapped around your little finger cheeky boy.

We love you Haribo, you’ve completed this family wonderfully and make us all burst with pride everyday.

My handsome little boy, you’re growing up so fast.  At times I just want to hold you forever and don’t want the time to pass so quickly but it has to I know, so I continue to enjoy every single day with you and Emmy and can’t wait to see the wonderful man you will become one day and I know you’ll make us all proud.

Love you baby boy,
you’ll always be my baby boy forever.

Happy Birthday Harry.

You are now 3!!!

Lots of love


20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Harry 3 Today

  1. Happy Birthday Harry! I can't believe he is 3! I remember meeting you for the first time at John Crane when you were pregnant! Where has the time gone!? I hope you all had a lovely day xx

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