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Happy Hopperz – Simple concept, must have item!

I have been lucky enough to trial a blue Bull Happy Hopperz with my little girl, and it has been fun for all the family. Happy Hopperz are a modern take on the much loved Space hopper, a large robust inflatable bouncer. This design is much improved on the classic hopper as the child can properly sit on the animal and bounce while holding onto its ears and/or horns depending on the animal.

They come in a huge range of animal shapes and a range of colours for boys and girls. (Cow, bull, dog, rabbit, panda and reindeer being just a few)

On receiving this item I thought oh no I don’t have a pump this is going to take forever – however the instructions were not wrong, 5 large puffs and I had inflated it fully and we were ready to go!

“Bullseye” (we named ours) was straight away kissed and cuddled by my little girl who loved it instantly; she then climbed straight onto it and without being shown what to do and bounced up and down. I must admit I too have had a go and its great fun. It has been in the garden and the house and is currently being used a decorative doorstop in the bedroom when not in use.

They retail at £21.99 and are well worth the money. They would be great for kids parties, indoor and outdoor and look fantastic.

For more information, to browse the whole collection or make a purchase go to www.happyhopperz.co.uk

One thought on “Happy Hopperz

  1. Loving the Happy Hoppers! How they've advanced since I had one! And now I feel old! Should definitely get one for me…er I mean my son!! 🙂

    Lucy Dorrington (@12LuDo)

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