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Last year we all had an extremely fun day out at the Harry Potter Studio’s.
With Emmy being only 3 and never having seen Harry Potter I was a little worried about whether she would like it and if it would be too scary for her.
I needn’t have worried in the slightest.  She had an amazing time. Dressing up as Harry Potter, playing with wands, pressing buttons, pulling levers, opening and closing, pushing and pulling, there is do much to do even for young children.  Of course she also loved collecting her special stamps along the way.
With set costumes and props galore this is a MUST for ANY Harry Potter fan.  We can highly recommend.  You will love it and just you wait until you get to the end of the tour and see the whole of Hogwarts laid out in front of you, as a giant model…it’s breath-taking!!
This is somewhere you will want to spend the whole day looking around and exploring, which is why I have teamed up with NatWest to bring you our latest giveaway.
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NatWest are providing our winners of this giveaway family tickets to visit the Harry Potter Studio’s!  I think that’s pretty amazing and would happily go again, however I’m nice so here is your chance to WIN 4 tickets for the Studio Tour (2 Adults & 2 Children,  or 1 Adult & 3 Children) for a day or your choosing! (Subject to availability).  This price is worth £89
For your chance to win this wonderful prize please fill in the Rafflecopter form below.
This giveaway will end at Midnight on 11th February 2014.
Good Luck.

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I have NOT been compensated for running this giveaway. I’m just nice to you all!

242 thoughts on “Harry Potter Studio Tour #Giveaway

  1. My favourite film is the first one but I love the last book. Have read and re-read it so many times and I still cry every. single. time.

  2. So tough but i'd say Prisoner of Azkaban because of the moment Snape puts himself between Lupin as a wolf and the 3 children. Snapes my fav character and at the point i knew for sure he was a good guy x

  3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was the best book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) was the best, concluding, film.

  4. After reading the books and watching the film in all honesty I much preferred the books if I were to choose a film though The Philosophers Stone was the one I found the most similar to the book (hope that makes sense)

  5. What a magical competition …. love all 8 of the fims and the 7 books, favourite film would probably have to be Deathly Hallows part2 but then if it wasn't for the Philosophers Stone being made into a film then we wouldn't have any so that is also one of my favourites 🙂

  6. I love the Deathly Hallows – the last one in the series. I found it more grown up, with a real depth to the characters and storyline.

  7. I love them all really – especially the early ones as they all look like babies. If I had to choose though I'd say the prisoner of Azkhaban – Gary Oldman !!!

  8. How can you ask that question … its like asking you to pick a favorite out of your children . however, as I love Gary Oldman – my fave has to be Prisoner of Askaban

  9. I like the first two. These are the only ones I have let my children watch as they are only young. They absolutely love them!

  10. my son is dyslexic so i always read the harry potter books to him. i was so proud when he read the last one himself . when i had a kindle a 2 years ago i added them to it even now i will re read them all .

  11. The first one, I find that is often the case with a series of films. Probably due to catching one's attention, and no expectations etc.

    Rachel Craig

  12. The Philosphers Stone they are all so young and cute especially Ron lol though i prefer the books much more content loved winkie 😉 read them myself then to my daughters and now my grandaughter! gotta love Harry Potter xx 🙂

  13. The Deathly Harrows – Part 1, there is a real sense of darkness, wizardry and suspense. Also, its the only time you see how bad it was when we don't say his name was alive before Harry Potter was born. The first few films speak of this 'dark time', but this film is the one that really shows it. Part 2 of course is my next favorite as I love a happy ending.

  14. Not read them all as yet. These are my 9 year old sons bed time read, we have just finished Prisoner of Azkaban and now onto the Goblet of Fire as we move through the series. I think to date the Prisoner of Azkaban has been the best read. I have heard that the Harry Potter Studio tour is really good and a few friends have done it a couple of times. Just not had the spare monies to take my son there as yet, hopefully soon so he can associate what we are reading with the production set. Thanks for sharing the giveaway.

  15. Half Blood Prince, but I love them all really. My son who is 6 is just getting into Harry Potter so this would be a fab prize for us (or anyone who wins it) 🙂

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