A first! Harry’s first hair cut

Where has the time gone?
Can someone please slow it down.
It’s going too fast
My babies are growing up.
Yesterday was a special day.
Harry’s first hair cut.
I still remember Emmy’s 1st hair cut,  in the same hairdressers.
I’ve a picture of her sitting on my lap oblivious to the milestone.
I’ve her 1st curls, tucked into a money bag in a keepsake box and a lock in my locket.
Emmy took charge of the camera while Harry sat on my knee also oblivious to the milestone reached.
A day where his baby hair was cut for the first time.
A day which marks me actually admitting he is no longer a baby but a toddler.
He sat beautifully.
He played his bed ‘I’m shy’ act.  He does it so well.  If someone looks at him he turns away and looks at his feet or buries his face into my neck.
For his haircut he looked at the floor, turned his head away from Alex who was cutting his hair and didn’t make a sound.  He was an angel.

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I now have Harry’s first lock of hair tucked up safely in a money bag in a keepsake box and a lock in my locket which I wear close to my heart.
My baby is no longer a baby.
Say hello to my handsome toddler.
17 month old's first hair cut, boys first hair cut, magic moments, www.emmymummy.com

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19 thoughts on “A first! Harry’s first hair cut

  1. It is such a bitter sweet moment when they have their first haircut. Harry is such a handsome little man! #MumsdayMonday

  2. Aww, look at him, very handsome chap. It is such an emotional moment. I remember getting tearful when both of mine had their first haircuts. I was particularly reluctant to take my little boy for his first hair cut as he had such gorgeous curls. #MumdayMonday

  3. Bless him – that's a real milestone! My eldest and youngest two didn't have haircuts for a couple of years, but son #2 has his dad's hair and it was desperate for a cut aged 8 months! About 6 inches which was mostly vertical!

    1. That's so kind, thank you! You've made me smile for the first time today, it's been a rather bad day but this has cheered me up. Thank you.

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