Harry’s God Father’s football influence – TTID

We are very lucky to have some very lovely friends and we are having those special friends as Harry’s God parents when we get him Christened (note to self – get that booked)

Emmy is equally as lucky to have our special friends as God parents – Mark (Paul’s brother), Ruth (my best friend and sister as I like to think of her), Joanna (Paul’s cousin) and Emma (one of our oldest friends).

Harry’s will be: Steve (mine and Paul’s oldest friend – I went to Primary school with Steve), Bob (Paul’s brother), Ruth (as above) and Miranda (another of our oldest friends).

When choosing God Parents you need to think carefully not only about who you choose but about what role and influence they will have in your child’s life and whether they will actually be around for them – The above list of Emmy’s godparent’s isn’t actually true – Ruth has taken on the role of Emmy’s God mum and is doing an amazing job – she has taken over the role from her brother who actually hasn’t seen Emmy since before her 2nd birthday, no calls, no visits, just a card at Christmas and on her birthday – although he didn’t send one this year – which speaks volumes to me as even if we have fallen out it has nothing to do with Emmy at all.

For this reason we thought really hard about Harry’s god parents and wanted those chosen to do a good job and we know they will – we love them all.

A few things about Steve – he isn’t a natural with kids bless him, one whiff of a pooey nappy and he is off, he is jack the lad, the loves his gigs, the pub, he is a ladies man but the thing he loves the most is Spurs!  He lives and breaths football, he even works at Tottenham Hotspurs and he is absolutely dying to take Harry to his first game.

He can’t wait until Harry is old enough to take him out, to show him off to everyone at work and to the team and to sit with him cheering, shouting and if I know Steve swearing (although he will get a clip around the ear from me if he does!)

Harry was brought his first Spurs tracksuit by Steve and his picture was even in the match programme thanks to his very enthusiastic God father, and Steve went above and beyond and got the programme signed by some past Spurs legends:

  • John Pratt
  • Martin Chivers
  • Martin Peters
  • Marc Falco
  • Gary Mabbutt
  • Alan Mullery

We are having this framed for Harry to keep.

Signed Spurs programme, baby spurs
“Congratulations to proud parents Paul and Clare Nicholas
on the birth of their son Harry, born October 19.”

As you can tell we know we have made a fantastic choice and Harry will be doted on, and we also know we will be in big trouble with Steve if we do not keep Harry up to date with the latest tracksuits and kit – this could prove expensive so I will be keeping an eye on the offers from JD Sports on football wear.

Post dedicated to fabulous friends – we love you all! Also contains a sponsored link.

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