Harry’s new bedroom planning has begun

Harry turned 5 last October and although he absolutely loved his bedroom it was only supposed to be a Nursery room before we moved him into the bigger room which was being used as a spare room/junk room.

It was talked about often and he has been discussing his new big boys bedroom for years but you know what it’s like, time escapes so quickly, other things become more important and that weekend I had put aside to clear out the spare room suddenly became filled with kids social events, work or someone being poorly – as seems to happen in this household far too much for my liking.

Finally, with the help of Clearabee we cleared all the junk and clutter from the spare room and it was removed once and for all. All that was left was the items we actually needed to sort through and either find homes for or sell.

On the last day of the Christmas holidays I decided enough was enough and as we had promised Harry once again we would move him into his new room over Christmas I refused to break this promised again.

With sheer determination and two very excited kids I cleared everything from Harry’s pirate room into Emmy’s and my room and cleaned the room top to bottom. I then begun the long task of sorting through the items in the spare room and moving them into the ‘new spare room’ tidily so they could be found when needed and piled into ‘keep’ and ‘sell’ corners.

Once emptied the room was cleaned to the best of my abilities (I do still need to clean the carpet and paint) and then we moved everything back into the new bigger bedroom.

To say Harry is over the moon is an understatement, he has spent nearly every waking moment in there playing and of course sleeping in there every night. He just loves it.

Now comes the fun part of planning how we will decorate it and make it special for him. This is my favourite part.

I am so very happy to announce my new ambassadors role, which couldn’t have come at a better time – I am going to be working with a lovely children’s furniture company Babios Ltd. Babios are a company quite local to me, London based who specialise in designer furniture for babies, children and teenagers.

Babios contacted me last week when Harry was poorly and at the time we had been discussing how to decorate his bedroom in a bid to cheer him up, earlier in the day he had asked when he could have his own car and then upon opening that wonderful email and browsing the furniture I came across their beautiful range of car beds and knew just what Harry would love in his room.

How amazing is the Vento V10 bed?

Everyday since he has been asking when his new car bed will be arriving, I’ve not told him yet but the team will be arriving on Friday to deliver it and assemble ready for when he comes home from school! I am so very excited and can’t ait to see his face – I will try to capture on video so you can all see it too.

Before then I need to clean the carpet but we have also decided on the décor for the room.

Harry loves Super Heroes and Batman is his all time favourite, so this will be his feature wall.

Photo credit

Awesome isn’t it? I am changing the blue sky for the lighter blue show on the beacon and that blue will then be replaced with an even lighter blue which will also go on the remaining 3 bedroom walls, I didn’t want the room to be too dark so thought by having the lightest blue on the remaining walls it would make it feel lighter and brighter.

Our friend will be decorating the room but I couldn’t ask him to do all of this, so from next week I will begin marking out the buildings and chalking the detailing. I plan to do this wall and he will paint the remaining walls.

Then all that is left is the accessories and added extras. Babios have picked out a matching desk and shelving unit to go perfectly with his bed and to make it feel more grown up – a room which he can grow into and one we won’t have to change in a few years when he needs to crack on with his homework.

We are thinking of adding a noticeboard so he can add his notes, homework or pictures onto and I guess in his teenage years there maybe a phone number or two tucked away on there too! I have come across some felt noticeboards from Teacher Boards which would be perfect to add behind his bedroom door and next to the new desk.

They are available in a huge range of colours, materials and different framing options so would suit any room. They also make bespoke size boards to fit into any awkward spaces you have in your home or your office. The boards are pinnable, hook and loop fastening friendly, and staple safe (meaning they won’t fall out once they’re in – always handy in a kids bedroom!).

To match in with the car theme I plan to add a car track mat/rug so he can play with his cars and to store the cars, train track and lego I am buying a Kallax unit which will be attached to the wall for safety reasons.

And lastly we have together picked out some prints and frames to make a super hero feature wall.

I plan to have just plan curtains and light shade in this finished room as although I was looking at super hero ones I feel it may become a little too busy.

I can’t wait for it all to come together and it possibly may be my new favourite room in our house once it’s finished.


Have I missed anything? What else would you add to the room

Disclaimer: I am working closely alongside Babios as an Ambassador

**Collaborative post**


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34 thoughts on “Harry’s new bedroom planning has begun

  1. We should make a little corner in Darcy’s room a ‘dress up’ section. It could have a range of costumes of princess dresses, wigs, and children friendly makeup.

  2. What an adorable bed for your little boy. Love the theme design of his room. I can’t wait to see the final result.

  3. What a wonderful bed for your little boy. I bet he is over the moon with his new bedroom. Almost makes me want to be a child again! I love the decor you have chosen too. I look forward to seeing the end result.

  4. Oh Harry! You are such a lucky boy! Plumlet would go bonkers for a set like this. The remote control feature is awesome. I wonder how many times I’d have to go switch the lights off during the night …?! I hope he loves it. I need to have a look at Babios – I bet they have some amazing ranges 🙂

  5. Omg.. this looks so fancy, my kiddo would love to sleep in this Car bed.. I can’t wait to see how would you incorporate the design to complement the bed.

  6. Oh wow! I’m sure he will absolutely love his new room. That bed looks great! It’s amazing the ideas people have now. I look forward to seeing the finished project

  7. This sounds amazing, I am sure Harry is going to love it. You did a great job planning and coordinating everything. Looking forward to the finished room.

  8. How fun!!!!I will have too look up this company and look into a car-bed for my little boy. He would totally love having a bed like that in his room!!

  9. I’m loving that car bed! When I was younger all my brothers had those fancy car beds and I just had regular old fashion bed. I think you should add a rug that looks like a street or road

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