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A little while ago I started thinking ahead to that dreaded C word…Christmas!  I wanted to do something special for Paul as a gift from Emmy so thought I would go about taking a picture of Emmy then doing something with it (sorry, I can’t tell you what it actually is as he reads my blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise).
I wanted a natural shot so being camera happy I kept clicking away with my phone camera (only camera I own) until I finally after many weeks of trying found one I was almost happy with.  Emmy loves the camera so everytime I point it at her she screws up her eyes and smiles her biggest smile shouting ‘cheeeeeessssssseeeeeeee’ – needless to say they are definately not natural shots.
I had shot black & white pictures as I wanted something different, the picture was perfect except for having unnecessary toys and other objects in the shot.  I then sent this picture over to a friend’s husband at Hart & Design so he could digitally remove the unwanted items and touch up the photo.
Here are the results:
Now I have the perfect picture I was looking for and can go about turning it into a Christmas present to Daddy from Emmy, I’ll show you after Christmas!
Hart & Design offer the following services (to name but a few)

Photo Editing – retouching, restoration and the remov…al of unwanted or distracting items in your photographs.
Complete Background Removal – main subject can be cut from the original background of a photograph, ready to be placed in a chosen setting.
Business Designs – Including Logos, Banners, Badges etc for your website, blog etc.
Professional Material – Including the design of Flyers, Leaflets, Business Cards, etc.
Website Enhancements – Including Buttons and Links for your site.
Custom Designed Items – Including Invitations, Announcements, Cards, etc

For further details on Hart & Design please visit them on Facebook, Twitter or you can email them at

I’m really pleased with the results and their prices are very good!!  I’m thinking of now making personalised Christmas cards and hopefully with the help of Neil I can create a lovely keepsake for all the family.

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