Head in Another Direction – 3 Travel Related Careers You Should Consider for 2021

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As the world slowly recomposes itself following the pandemic, 2021 is set to see us return to a semi-state of normality as leisure reopens, lockdown eases and holidays can once again begin. Along with hospitality, the travel industry has suffered immensely over the past year as holidays were cancelled, planes were grounded and tour operators almost went bust as business declined by 75% globally.

Thankfully, the troubles are almost over and as the travel industry looks to get back on its feet, it might need some extra help, not only in terms of recouping lost finances but refilling or expanding job positions across each sector in the industry.

Some of these careers include:

  • Aviation Management
  • Holiday Rep
  • Customs Official

Aviation management covers a wide range of positions across the airport and flight industry while holiday reps are the life and soul of any good package holiday and customs officials are the tough men and women guarding our borders against harmful things.

Aviation Management

For many, becoming a pilot is a dream but one that most dreamers never fulfill. Becoming a pilot is a very difficult, professional and expensive career to pursue and those with disabilities or neurological conditions such as epilepsy can’t legally obtain a license while 80% of pilots in training drop out. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t be involved in aviation.

The aviation industry is vast and complex and just like any sector, it requires dedicated and professional individuals to help it smoothly operate. An aviation management degree is an excellent way of learning about the industry and how it works and courses cover such things as aviation security, the history of aviation, and airport planning.

Obtaining a degree in aviation management won’t be easy because, like any degree, there is a lot to learn. But one of the excellent things about a degree is they usually allow you to pursue one particular avenue in an industry and aviation is no different. Following the introductory and basics courses, you are able to choose a specialization in fields such as airline management, corporate aviation operations, and aeronautics and space.

Holiday Rep

 3 Travel Related Careers

You might have been on one of these holidays in years passed or you’re possibly looking to book one. A package holiday with a full complement of entertainment and guidance provided by the always energetic holiday reps. These individuals are supremely talented at injecting fun into almost anything and are there solely to make sure that you and your family have a great time while at a resort.

If entertainment and helping people is your passion then holiday repping is an excellent career for you. From Spain to the Greek islands, repping is more like being on a 6 month holiday than actually working, repping comes with its perks. However, work is still work and it’s not all fun and games. While you are there to entertain and help, you will likely need to deal with such things as lost luggage, medical aid, and complaints.

However, holiday rep agencies provide all necessary training and one of the most appealing things about repping is that you don’t need any formal qualifications as all training is provided. Some agencies might require general education certificates but in most cases, basic courses can be taken to offset any missing requirements and tour operators will value additional language skills. 

Customs Official

One of the most challenging and difficult roles in the travel industry is that of the customs officer. These highly skilled men and women help prevent all kinds of crime at the nation’s sea, air, and land ports. Contraband such as drugs, illegal weapons, illegal foods, counterfeit goods, and even exploited people are all part and parcel of some of the daily unsavory things that a customs guard might be exposed to.

Because of the high exposure to stressful items, just like a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic, being a customs officer requires a strong mental focus and a willingness to face things that most people can’t. However, if you are able to do this then being a customs officer is one of the most rewarding experiences and challenges that you could face out of any job.

You will be the front line between the innocent people of your country and those that seek to do it harm. While most days will be relatively benign and uneventful, there will be times when you have to face horrific and unsettling truths about things that happen in the world by various organised crime groups that cost around £10 billion per year to the taxpayer in the UK alone. Becoming a customs officer is relatively easy though and apart from the right attitude, all it requires is general education to begin your training and there is plenty of opportunity for career advancement.


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